Makoto's st.fp too SA2

I dont understand it but I have trouble getting this 100%. To really play makoto i need this any tips on getting this down. ST.fp->SA2:crybaby:

Sorry bout that guys but i got down the fierce SA2. but the problem now is karakusa fierce sa2 i can get karakusa fierce easy though

i double tap fierce the moment the opponents feet touch the ground or knees in the case of hugo.

but it’s up to you to find what works best for you.

i can do the fierce after karakusa but no sa2 after :confused: set the metronome to 152 BPM then hit start then do fierce qcfx2 inbetween the beats and hit foward or roundhouse, that about perfect timing faster if you can :slight_smile:

I can fierce SA2 alone but karakusa throws me off for some reason i just get karakusa fierce nothing

well it took me sometime to acquire the technique. the last thing i can suggest is to just imagine them seperatly know that you’re going to fiercexxsa2 when you get a grab then practice it over and over again :smiley: patience is key!

but most importantly keep playing 3rd strike :smiley:

for sure. i’ve only seriously played for a couple weeks now i just want to bring some good play to the arcade because there is a lot of competition for 3s in SVGL. I have been playing only sf4 a lot of you guys hate the game but its where I find the most fun in street fighter. :slight_smile:

alot of new guys find sf4 more fun. because it’s easier or something i don’t know.

makoto mike could probably show you a bit of what he knows idk how often or if at all he goes to svgl but i know he’s norcal >.>

I think sf4 was made too easy the movements for moves dont require actual movements shoryu can be down forwar down forward, kinda stupid .i am a kid that most of these guys will look at and think im not here for compettitive play i only talk to a few sf4 players there.

don’t let that stop you. my first evo in 2k7 i’d been playing for like 9 months i saw ino walked up to him and asked if he’d like to play 3rd strike he and i and a few friends hung out for nearly 2 days playing 3rd strike and talking theory and application of. so dont let you being new or young get in the way of you getting better or talking to people.

damn, got to play with ino?

anyway i imagine the qcf x2 is the hard part? just gotta be fast with those movements

just make sure ur closer to the corner than your opponent is and do the motion. Works for me though i use a pad so u know maybe it’s easier for me.

is there a too fast?

whatcha mean a too fast ? like doing the motion after fierce i don’t think it matters how fast u do it as long as it’s after fierce

in st there is too fast not really in 3s.

like i said i do fiercexx sa2 at about 152+ beats per minute on the metranome link, which is pretty fast imo but who knows

and as for playing with ino, you could say! i played with ino i’d say i played for about 6 months before going to evo 2k7 met ino got raped bye him then he took me to school for a day or so then we smoked alot of cigarettes and talked theory.

im getting it down more consistentley but i need it 100%

I 'd like to throw in a question regarding this as well.

Do you actually do

Karakusa, HP qcf qcf MK/HK


Karakusa, qcf HP qcf MK/HK (with respective timing for each)?

I mean, I’m sure both versions do work, but which would you say is easier to get down consistently?

I never did the second one,so in my opinion the first is easier to get down more consistently.

you’d get a dash punch if you did it the second way xP

the first way is the only way


when your back is directly in the corner i’d use LK against, Yun/Yang/Akuma/Ryu/Elena/Chun because you’ll whiff even if you use MK against them which is really, really unfortunate