Makoto's worst match ups?

but its hard to get a grab on him because of his whiffing divekicks and stuff, its hard to keep him on the ground, and SA1 damages him alot, anyway, if he’s keeps whiffing them, jump right up, roundhouse, that should work

As a yun player my self I always get beat out from makoto’s myself from jumping RH and Forward.

if ur getting knocked out of your divekicks its because you use them too liberally.
just in case u were wondering

Makoto’s game is based around pressure so really you shouldn’t have any problem with anybody, though Yun players do have that dive kick guessing game, but if you can just keep rushing them down it’s much better for you.

I myself don’t have much trouble with yun/yang players as usually you can tell if they are doing a deep meaty divekick to crossover you can parry, if they come down i usually tap forward and option select to bring them down and start deploying my wake up game.

Akuma here is very lame and predictable, jump in fireball > f+mp or jump in fireball > > hurricane kick. I just parry everything and s.HP xx SA2 him and he dies. I hate how Akuma is played here, there is no tactics, variety or skill. Everybody only knows how to jab (block?) dash > throw or fireball mix-up. I am lazy to parry most of the time, but when I see Akuma I just parry everything because he is so predictable it is not funny.

As for the other shoto Ken (and Ryu as well sometimes) I just find it annoying with the weird uppercut timing sometimes, sometimes they throw sometimes they don’t and me being the lazy parry fart that I am just end up getting my ass kicked by it, but other then that I don’t really see any problems. Cross up = free fukiage, Super = free combo. All I can say is rush that shit down and don’t let up. If you let Ken get mobile, he will get annoying. With Ryu, I just find it’s safer to not jump in, shoryuken + SA2 = almost 3/4th your life gone? Fuck that :lame:

As for chun… I’ve seriously never faced any good chuns. The litter of chuns I’ve faced were all beginners so I don’t know what to say about her. I guess just… uh… watch out for her crouching forward lol.