MAKstick 1P

RGB scart & DIN8
4 pot 1k on RGBS
is on scart/DIN8 and RCA
clone sanwa JVS circuit on pot 10k
2x fuse proctect +5 and +12V
joystick port:
2x DB15 male port neogeo pinout for pad 1P & 2P
on back 1 female DB15 if MAK is used how arcade stick external adapters cthulhu/miniIPAC
suzo inductive with custom shaft and LB35
2x RG all others is OBSN30
2x 16mm minibutton service&test
external power supply +5V-4A/+12V-1,5A

So I am looking at a arcade stick, super gun hybrid right?
Ether way alot of work gone into this, it looks cool

too many work:/
100m wiries inside:P, I have to find better solution

Very clean. I’m building a Super Gun as well, but I’m low on funds this month, so work is slow. I’ll be using Mad Catz sticks and the JAMMA->A/V will be housed in an old standalone DVD Player. I’ll make a thread when I’m done.

I just love how clean it looks, like a device you could buy retail

Why do you need a pot on Sync?

tv have large tolerance and all work W/O resistors
but for correct you need 150-330ohm

This project looks nice. I was thinking of doing something similar, an all in one stick + MAME machine. It would be a regular stick, with a Raspberry Pi board inside running Linux + MAME + an SD card full of roms.

second MAK

good shit dot com

That voltage meter (it is, right?) is beautiful!

DevilsFang sold a HRAP1/T5 with a built-in Supergun a while back. I tried to get at it but someone else beat me to it. It was this almost exact same setup.

It’s a super neat idea. I’m a huge fan and glad to see someone else implement it.

Nice work it looks really professional quality.Can we see more of that stick??

You need to start making VAS supergun cases.

is prototype only
next project is on slim case h=60mm, metal black casing
all conector on back
and use combo GBS8220 (VGA) & GBS8180 (composite and s-video), BNC (RGBSH/V) SCART (RGB), maybe component (but too road :()
maybe I will made 5-10 MAK
(case is also compatible with vogatec)