Malaysia airlines flight still missing


So there still isn’t a thread about this on SRK? An airplane vanishes into thin air and is still missing. Vietnam, China, USA, Malaysia are all searching for it. They find oil slicks and debris in the sea, but they do not belong to the boeing 777 and are dead ends. Two people boarded with fake passports, and two more passengers are considered suspect. And now the latest update is that the plane turned around and shut off its transponder to disappear from radar. Its quite a made for TV storyline. At this point its pretty certain that everyone on board is dead, but the mystery is how and why?


Everyone on SRK is too busy searching for the asian flight attendants.


Sum Ting Wong


I’ve been following all the NY Times articles on it over the weekend, I’d like to say I’m surprised that 2 guys can board a plane with stolen boarding passes, but having traveled to many different countries I’m not. We deal with U.S. TSA rights violations, but on the other hand I’ve seen people in other countries literally walk through metal detectors with no security guard there to usher them through, hell some places don’t use their xray machine half the time.

Anyways back on topic, the Malaysian officials have several conflicting reports some say the plane tried to turn around before it went off the radar, but according to several foreign firms there was no evidence to support that claim. Also Malaysian officials have conflicting ideas of where the plane may have gone down. From what I’ve read it seems very possible the plane was hijacked and then taken to land somewhere, but even if that is the case there would be some tracking software to indicate it’s location right? Then again the oceans are vast so no amount of manpower can cover the entire gulf of Thailand or where ever they suspect the plane crashed right?

I wonder how long the oil slick tests will take to confirm whether they came from the plane or not.


Damn that’s crazy. An airplane gets Lost. And all those people onboard are Lost. I wonder how an entire plane got Lost. Maybe they crashed and now all the passengers are Lost on a deserted island. This will probably end horribly.


Are we gonna get a movie of this anytime soon?


is this what they flew into?


The whole thing just feels off. If it were terrorism, someone would have claimed credit and provided proof they did it. Even if it were a hijacking gone wrong, they’d still want to get partial credit on their terrorism homework. How could NO distress signals have been sent out at all? The only conceivable scenario that could happen is if there were a sudden catastrophic failure that left no time to respond such as a sudden explosion. Yet US spy satellites report NO such evidence of explosions, NOR do the Chinese spy satellites. You’d think that if some country were up to no good and lied about it, somebody’s spy satellites would have caught something. China and the US would keep each other honest.

I’m trying to figure out what could have happened that would cause a plane to go off radar and yet no distress signal was sent? Either the pilot or copilot were up to no good OR in the case of a sudden depressurization everyone on board would be incapacitated in seconds, yet if it were depressurized, the plane would likely have kept going on cruise control so why did it just disappear completely off radar???


I was hearing that the radar transponder was turned off. Most of the aviation experts are saying there is no reason for a pilot to do that.
I feel like there is more going on than we are being told


NPR had some security dude speaking this morning and ruled out that it wasn’t terrorism.

Interesting though @Fishjie Nobody is callin bullshit, and that’s something that you would expect.


It will be back in a month or so when it crashes into a building and starts a war.


How could they rule it out though? Because as of right now, no one has any clue what actually happened. What can be ruled out? Malaysia airlines having good customer service. They the chinese who had friends/family on the flight waiting in hotel with no updates whatsoever for hours on end, and didn’t even do so until many hours after all contact with the flight had ended.


I’m honestly surprised no one has made an Asian driving joke yet.

If this is a terrorist event I think in some ways the mystery is freaking people out even more than planes crashing into things or getting shot up. The unknown can be pretty scary to people.


I flew Malaysia Airlines just last year. Makes me wonder if I could get a crazy good deal in the wake of this


haha an asian driving joke because asians are bad at driving. hahaha good one. i’m honestly surprised you haven’t uploaded MOAR NUDIE PIX yet

anyway yeah it is quite a mystery, and it may never be solved, which sucks for the friends and family of the victims.


@Matriarch Nothing is scarier than nothing, as they say. This whole thing is very odd.


Was it the lagoliers?


where could they possibly land…without any wreckage. have they figured out what places/countries they could have reached with that amount of gas?


Various countries have given slightly different accounts or have told details that they would likely only know from their respective military surveillance, none of which they are sharing with each other in detail.


That’s what they always say these days, right off the bat. Then they end up having to walk it back…