Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur - Gaming Scene?


I’m going to be staying in Kuala Lumpur for all of May, and will be playing in the Sungei Wang Shopping Plaza Arcades (Bukit Bitang). I remember going back there in 2004, but the scene was mainly full of KOF players, though I met a few good 3s players there.

Are there any players into 3s and Alpha 3 who post on here, and fancy meeting up for a few games this month?

Well,the scene is still pretty much the same now,KOF gamers are the majority.
As far as i know,this applies to other countries in this region too,including Singapore.
Anyway,i’m from Kuala Lumpur and use to play a bit of alpha 3,so if you’re looking for a few casual games,i’m game.I’m usually free on weekends,so just post a date and time,i’ll try to make it.


Hey man,

I’m sorta busy this upcoming weekend. But I’ll defo be available in the 3 weeks after that, although I should be around on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Pick a day when you’re free and meet up at 4pm yeah?

My main game is 3rd strike, but I can play alpha 3 as long as I’m not playing on broken sticks :wonder:

Look for a chinese dude (with a very english accent) in a pony tail :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Vince!

My friend Nick met you at the arcade at Sg Wang Plaza today. He was the one playing Urien and mentioned that I should have been there today to see a great Yun player. Unfortunately I was at home resting. He also said that you will be there again this Monday so I’m game for a few matches!

I play Urien, Dudley, Necro and Ken mostly but over the years I’ve become rusty. So I’m prepared for a good trashing! Very keen to meet you, as here in Kuala Lumpur there’s no high-end players. Only scrubby Kens and Oros, if you may have noticed already.

Reply here or PM me please!


i’ll see you guys when i go back to KL.

i played a good ken when i was there. he had black framed glasses.
there was also a decent ryu (malay guy)

Hey rawfish,

Yeah, Nick was pretty good. He gave me some good matches, I’m looking forward to playing him again. It’s not very often that I get to play Uriens much.

I’m definately free from now, until the 4th June. I’ll jump into the Capcom Station arcade around 3pm-4pm during the week. Also, can any of you guys speak Malay? Someone needs to tell the guy at the counter to inform the technicians about the broken sound setup on the 3rd strike and Alpha 3 machines :frowning:

I played some dude with black framed glasses… does he use Q/Hugo as well? He’s probably the best I’ve played so far, he’s got a solid game!

So Vince,round what time will you be at the arcades this coming weekend?
Sat or Sun,your call.
Looking foward to it.

Saturday 2-3pm ok with you?

I drop into the arcades between 3-4pm everyday anyway, since I’m doing loads of shopping in Sungei Wang and Low Yat anyway.

I’ll be practically dressed up like a tourist :slight_smile:

Spoke to the technician today. Sounds like the 3s cabinet speakers are actually broken. They also mentioned that they only turn on sound for particular games that are actually popular. Even HT and WW get priority over 3s… WTF?

Actually, make that Sunday … I’ve got stuff to do on Saturday :-/

Good games to the people I played today on a3 and 3s.

FrostyMy … dammit… you and that skanky crouch cancel infinite >___<

the controls in sg wang sucked ass

and i think that was the only place KL had 3s.

fuck the arcades suck ass in malaysia. old ass games.

I didnt even see an arcacde when I was in KL. Actually i think i saw the sg wang one but didnt go in… saw lots of cell phones though.

Hi guys,

Yeah, the josticks there pretty much suck. What there’s nothing much we can do about it as the technicians and the arcade owner don’t givea shit too. Well, might as well bear with it.

Thanks vince, I had some good matches as well. Hope to see you again soon. Can’t head down to Sg. Wang this week. Too occupied with work. By the way, this is Nick (Blue Urien)

Skanky…lol…i’ll take it as a compliment.:wgrin:

Anyway i went to Sg Wang again yesterday(Sunday) but unfortunately didn’t find Vince there.But i’m already looking foward to seeing you next time man.


U frequent Sg Wang? Have I met you before? What character do you use?

Is there a GGXX scene?

Hi there,

There’s not much GGXX players here. The last I checked the machine is not even there anymore. But there is a scene for 3S and CVS2. You coming down to KL anytime soon?