Malaysian scene

ya, i’m going to kl in malaysia in little more than a week. i’m wonderin if theres still a marvel scene, or a scene at all… and how close ya’ll are to pj(i want a bit of play if i can when i get there)

Hi there.As far as i know,there are people playing Marvel games,but i wouldn’t call it a scene.But mind you i do not play Marvel myself,so what i know bout the Marvel scene may be limited.

Well,from what i know,your best bet will still be the arcades in Sungei Wang.

Anyway,i’ll try to contact one guy i know who plays Marvel,maybe he can tell you more bout the Marvel gamers’ hideout.

By the way,which part of PJ will you be staying in?

i’m at berjaya time square till the 2nd, then i goto phucket(sp) for a week. i’ll be back in malaysia after that, then i dunno whats happening or what part of kl i’ll be in.

theres this sweet set of arcades in the shopping complex across the street from me… i’ll try hitting it up for 3s, mvc2, cvs2, and w/e.

ok, so I’m back in the states. I played here and there, and finally got some names. Sungei wang and midvalley are the malls I played at majority of the time. imbi has a nice vampire machine, but sungei wang & midvalley were the main places I played at. peace outside

woo almost 1 year since a reply. Anyway, hello my name is wepeel and I think I am going to be here in the beginning of March 2008. Is there any current information about the locations of arcades? I will probably be in KL most of the time.

If you play Tekken then the top floor of KL Sogo would be your best bet. (Plus it’s damned cheap to play there.)

Other than that as has been mentioned Sungei Wang has a number of arcades you could try for some comp.

I didnt have much luck when i was at Sungei Wang, but that was in like 2005.

Ah crap I forgot to say. I play CvS2 mainly, with some ST here and there (still learning)
Is Sungei Wang good for CvS2? KL Sogo? (is that the japanese dept. store?)

I’m gonna be in Malaysia in until mid-march, open for 3rd Strike/ST/Alpha3 challenges.

Sungei Wang’s Capcom arcade has some very moody staff. They’re very unwilling to fix machines, and instead throw a tantrum at you to stfu. Just found out there’s another 3rd Strike cabinet in the Times Square (Imbi station) on the 6th floor with better sticks and buttons.

very new to arcade gaming, willing to hook up with anyone around KL for matches and tutorials :D…just hook up with me here

Vince,back already?

How bout some matches again?:slight_smile:
Do let me know what time you’ll be around there.
Haven’t played for quite some time.Can see a hammering coming.

What fighting games do you play?

Hi guys!

Best place to play MvsC2 and almost all capcom games are in Sungai Wang Plaza. it’s close to Imbi Plaza & Berjaya Times Square.

PM me for more info. Peace out!

probably third strike and T5DR but I’m very new to those games (1-2 months vs AI)

vince check your emails

Confirmed. Will be here March 4th! Can’t wait to see the CvS2 competition. =)
But…do you guys use japanese sticks? …

i was in malaysia last summer… the places i went to play some arcades were Times Square and Sogo! sogo was not bad to be honest! and so damn cheap =]

Oops… I haven’t checked this thread in a long time. Playing too much Maximum Tune 3 in Midvalley lately :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I normally drop into SGW around the evening times past 7 till about 10 on most days. I would much prefer to play in Times Square, since the buttons feel a lot more comfortable than the worn out seimetsus in SGW, but it seems that SGW gets the most competition…

I’m glad I don’t have to face that bitch at the token counter, since they just recently got an automated change machine :slight_smile:

Frosty, drop me a PM when you next come down and I’ll try and make it. I will be here for another 3 weeks.

Well, irregardless how much we fight each other in 3S, I think we can all agree to one thing. The BITCH! She’s psychotic! But I think she’s toned down as there was once a guy smashed the counter’s glass with a stool. I was there. Haha. Can’t forget the look on her face.

Vince, I’ll be in Sungai Wang this weekend.

Yikes…I’m guessing that’s just a freak random occurance, right?
What kind of people make up the scene…:sweat: I’ll be the “calm” one I guess. Hehe
coming March 4th!

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What the hell was that about?

Good to see you again Nick. I apologise for not recognising you when I saw you, since it has been too long. The Times Square 3s cabinet is the same price with decent buttons, but one side has a rather stiff stick. It’s pretty dead, but I guess it’s good for quiet 1-on-1 sessions.

I definitely need a change from playing all those mediocre Ken players and their robot target combo garbage.