Male Wedding Rings - diamonds or no?


It’s that simple. My wife and I are looking at a wedding band for me (I have an engaugement ring that I’m using now) and while she is ignoring cost - I’m not cause I know that it will at some point come back to me financially.

Anyways, I’m trying ot figure out if I should get diamonds or not. We are bouncing between several ring looks and types, though more than likely it will be tungsten-carbide…so the darker metal so to speak.

Any votes for or against diamonds in the ring? How well do they hold up over time? Are they worth the price? Do they create discomfort? Any help would be appreciated.

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You’re wearing an engagement ring? :wtf:


it’s one of the current trends - ‘exchanging’ engagement rings as opposed to the guy giving one. It was a free ring for me as I wasn’t asking for it, but she bought it for me shrug, but now we are looking at a ‘real’ ring…this one was a ‘cheap’ mother of pearl ring.

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Well, at least you got an engagement ring lol. At least that shows your girl is pretty thoughtful. Most women don’t go that far these days.

Anyways, I’d say yes on the diamonds. My band actually has 10 diamonds across the band and it’s held up very well. With a diamond band though you do have to take it to get inspected and cleaned every so often to ensure the warranty doesn’t go void. It’s a slight inconvenience, but at the same time if you’re going to wear jewelry, it might as well look good, right?


It really all depends how much you want to spend and what you like. I have a diamond on my wedding ring. Its not to flashy or bulky. But I got lucky and found one that was 75% off the original price. If you look around I’m sure there will be some christmas sales that you should be able to take advantage of.


I think it comes down to what you like Unreallystic. I got diamonds in my band. I was eye balling tungsten for a long time. I just like having diamonds because I like to dress nice and I think they show better when dressed up.

“Any votes for or against diamonds in the ring?”

  • I have seen tungsten rings and they look great! But I like having diamonds in my ring. Hard to find “manly” diamond rings though.

“How well do they hold up over time?”

  • Good question. With any ring with diamonds, you have to be careful. Example, hot tubs… gotta take it off. The chemicals will eat away at the stems that hold the diamonds. Another thing is, mine is “white gold” and that means I have to get it re-rhodium plated because “white gold” turns yellowish over time. This is because there is no such thing as white gold. However, I have a warranty service that does this for free. Unlimited per year. This also includes checking the diamonds to make sure they are socketed correctly and holding up. It’s been four years. So far so good.

“Are they worth the price?”

  • All rings are overpriced imo. :slight_smile:

“Do they create discomfort?”

  • The maintenance that I described above is the only discomfort.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!


i got 5 in my ring


Thanx for the responses so far. Right now if I don’t get Tungsten - I’d more than likely get platinum, and maintenanc is something I’m looking to avoid - I don’t even go to the dentist, but htis is something I only take off at home (I don’t wear any jewelry when I’m at home, it always feels weird to play video games, and I don’t want ot mess it up if I am cleaning or anything). so I want to keep ‘mandatory visits’ to a minimum - which is why I’m weighing the pros/cons.

Another note is I’m a big dude - thus the ring itself won’t be small (size 13.5), so the diamonds either need to be spaced out…or…plentiful :rofl: to get a good balance - if I go that route. Wish I had pics of the ones I am looking at, I’ll see if I can dig something similar off Amazon (during lunch) and post those.

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I have one diamond in my ring. So I would answer yes.


Fully against it; my ring bang up against everything on a day to day basis.


i’m against jewelry in general on a man, so i’m against rocking a diamond ring.

if i do end up getting married one of these days i might break my anti-tat stance and get some shit tatted on my finger bcuz i’m not trying to wear a ring on either hand, ever.


The one I bought has 5 diamonds. We don’t get engagement rings, so I think men are entitled to a little ice.

Plus, it’s made of tungsten so I still get man points.


Less maintenance? Go without diamonds then lol. It’s not that bad IMO. If I make a trip to the mall, I get our rings cleaned in one trip. I normally take it off if I’m cleaning or doing some really dirty thing, or working out.

I will admit, wearing a ring takes some getting used to, especially if you don’t wear jewelry like that. Playing video games felt funny on my left hand. Plus I play bass, and for a while I had to take my ring off when I played, but now I’m used to it.


I am with Thrust on this one, except I think men should wear wedding rings, but I am so against men having “sparkly” or “fancy” looking wedding bands. I like plain silver, platinum, gold, tungsen etc. My friend got married and has a tungsen ring with a grove on it to open bottles, haha. Now that’s just planning ahead! I just hate diamonds in general, and see no reason that a man’s ring should gather any kind of attention. I am a big fan of wedding/engagement rings being low key for both sexes, 10k+ for ring is just ridiculous.


My wife insisted on one with 3 diamonds. I hate it. I caved on that one and still regret it. I don’t like jewelry period, but it draws more attention, and I find it unmanly. Maybe it’s just me. I take it off all the time, it’s wide at the top where the diamonds are, so it feels bigger on my finger. I wanted a thin, plain one.


You don’t have to drop that kind of loot to get that affect shrug though I admit, I’m in the polar opposite direction and would be covered in jewels if I liked them and could afford them. I’m getting a bracelet for Xmas, and looking at a watch and a second ring for myself, but those aren’t really important, nor getting purchased anytime soon due to other financial obligations.

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I’m with you on that, most guys really don’t care about the rind, but more of other accessories like watches and what not. Leave the diamonds with her


I agree. I don’t want a flashy ring either. I did see the titanium rings that I like alot of course without the diamonds.


I’m a utility kind of guy and I don’t like to wear things that don’t have a use besides looking nice. A wedding ring with diamonds on it would just be too much. A thread about rings and we have no pics? C’mon people!

On that note here I am looking at this just cause. Seems pretty cool: Kinekt Design


Here is my ring (more of the style than the actual ring) (RING) Only thing I hated about my ring is that the middle part wasn’t smooth, it was jagged for some time (torn the inside of my fingers up/steering wheel) but other a couple of months it did smooth out