Malfunctioning fight stick please help


just one day i plugged it in and the dashboard button on the stick lights up and then turns off. i tried flipping all the switches and nothing changes. can anyone help?


please i would appreciate any advice


how is it on PC?

also since you said dashboard i’m assuming xbox

judging from what you say it sounds like you wrap your cable around your stick

am i right?


yes i do wrap it how did you know? is there anything i can do about it? i just plugged it into my laptop and i got the same flash of light then its off


might be a dying USB cable.
try replacing the end dongle first, though.


it is definitely a dying usb cable
the fact that you wrap your cable around the stick proves it (or makes for a stronger hypothesis)

what you do when you wrap the cable around your stick, it puts some uneccesary strain on your USB cable at the initial wrap point or in the cord compartment.
if you can find the area that is strained you can cut the strained area out and splice the usb back together. If not, get a long usb and replace the usb cable on the stick. make sure its a high speed usb cable


its hit or miss, but i’ve seen some TE sticks with their USB wrapped nicely inside.
others are just flailing about.


ok well ill try to find another end usb thing for it but what about the long one thats connected to the stick. im using a SE stick so thats why i always wrap it. but what im asking is, is there anyway to replace the long cord connected to the stick


see the knob at where the stick’s USB comes out?
that area has been messed up because of the wrapping. cut that area out about an inch on each side and then splice the wire back together, tie a knot at the other end as a strain relief and you should be fine


whoa. im so not that tech savvy. but ill ask some friends about it. thanks for all the help you guys its much appreciated.