Malfunctioning Madcatz PCB (R1)

Tried searching for this topic but didn’t find the exact info I was looking for. If someone could re-direct me that would be much appreciated.

Basically two of my Madcatz PCBs both started acting up on me a couple of weeks apart. Both of them are R1. One of them, the Roundhouse button stopped responding. It occasionally registers a signal, but as of late, it’s just been non-functional. Same issue with the other stick, but this only affects the right directional button.

I haven’t had a chance to open it up and use a multimeter to try diagnose it, but I figure I’d ask here first. However, I have a sinking feeling that both of the PCBs are pretty much about to die.

I’ve heard of this happening before - and yes, it does sound like that’s likely - still worth grabbing the multimeter and making sure.

it could be PCB dying or button dying. Go ahead and try to diagnose it. I doubt its going to correct itself. Oh and grab wire or a paperclip and see if shorting the button does anything

This shit happens to these Sticks both round 1 and 2. I have had 4 of these and it has happened on all of them. I posted about it I the “what controller should I buy thread”

Madcatz will not help you. Unless you are in warranty then they will replace it.
Not good for me as my current R2 stick has it’s buttons and ball top changed to black and my stick has been signed by Diago.
So even if madcatz kindly offer to replace my stick I would not want to part with it.

I asked to buy or get a replacement pcb from madcatz but they won’t do this either.
I tweeted Markman for help as he designed and promoted these sticks but I don’t really think he cares either.

Excellent sticks I terms of build, parts, ease of modding. However I would not recommend them just for this problem of the button cutting out. Also once the stick would not register up/forward. This only happened once.

A stick that is supposedly tournement grade should not miss a beat. I have lost all confidence in R1 and R2 sticks.
I ordered a qanba now. Not ideal.

I just want to be able to fix my stick simply and madcatz do not support repairs of any kind. A real shame.

Can’t be all the sticks cos about 90% of players seem to have a TE and not everyone has this problem.

After lurking long on these forums and speaking to people with more know how about arcade sticks they all seem to be aware of this problem.

A real shame.

I hope some here can help us sort this problem or guide us where or how to get a proper reliable PCB.

At least I am not the only one with this problem.

Now for me Madcatz= fail. It would be forgivable if they were willing to help customers/fans to help them sort it out. The company and designers must be happy that they sold such expensive fan loved products well but a slight bit of after sales customer service would not go a miss.

A real shame and disappointment. My much loved all black R2 will be made redundant and obsolete when my Q4 comes in next month.

Seems madcatz will never shake their dodgy reputation from the past, at least from me and anyone else in the same situation.

Growing up, the Madcatz controllers were the ones you give to your friends when they came over to play. I really thought the TE was going to change this image. Don’t get me wrong, the stick was really well designed - its just that I would expect more than a 1 year lifespan for a controller. I still have old PSone and controllers that still work with no problems at all, so why can’t these expensive controllers do the same.

Anyways, I gotta do some testing when I get home from work. Thanks for all the input thus far.

Is this only the Xbox version that has dodgy PCBs? I recently bought a round 1 for PS3 and so far, so good.

Madcatz actually offer a 2 year warranty on the TE sticks.

I was quite surprised to find that out when madcatz actually emailed me back.

I have only had xbox sticks so do not know about ps3 pcb. Good luck with you stick.

I believe that only applies in Europe and only because they are legally obliged, anywhere else it’s something silly like 30/60 days.

Yup, it is only Europe.

Only the 360 versions of the OG, Rd.1 and MvC3 TE’s have PCB issues. The rest are rock solid.

Now can we all just drop the long tirades against MadCatz. Not only is the button thing a known issue, it’s already been addressed.

I’m going to start treat folks jumping on threads like these with these long tirades the same way I treat similar posts with long and pointless tirades (e.g. US vs Japanese parts, arguments on square vs. octo, etc.) with an infraction.

TE sticks are so quality, no beef with Mad Catz.

I have issues with my Round 1 pcb too, buttons stop working and you have to plug/unplug it in to work again. Also mine has been disconnected from the Xbox and freezing up entirely. It will say “Controller Not Connected” or whatever randomly, and one time all the turbo lights lighted up and nothing worked. It’s weird. It’s not my main stick, so I’m not concerned, as well as I have had a PS360 on backorder for a while to replace it anyways. I’ve tested all the connections with a multimeter too.

After checking out both sticks with the multimeter, I couldn’t find a problem. I plugged in both of the sticks and one of them seemed to work just fine for about 10 minutes but then the same button would start acting up again. The other stick’s right directional switch didn’t work at all. Kinda weird… I need to do some more digging this weekend.

Hey d3v, where in the Philippines are you? I might be going there to visit some family in December and I wanted to check out the scene over there. They live in a neighborhood called BF Homes Paranque IIRC.

I do care. I’m sorry I didn’t reply. I get hundreds of messages/replies on twitter a day. It is definitely not the best way to get a hold of me.

Unfortunately we are out of PCBs right now, but once we get more, I’ll post/let ppl know. We might be able to scavenge one off of an existing stick we have here. Either way, get a hold of me through email. You can get my email on the background image of my twitter page.


Finally got a chance to mess with the stick more. As I said, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the multimeter. Right direction still doesn’t work, but if i switch it to LS from DP, all the directions work. However, it just feels weird playing on analog (Just a side thought, does anyone know what exactly the difference is? I just know it feels different, but I can’t tell what it is exactly). Ultimately, I’ll probably just replace it with a different PCB in the future. I’ll just set them aside for now. End of story.

Anyways, despite having two MadCatz PCBs failing, I still went ahead and bought the new Tekken x SF Fight Stick. I’m really hoping that my loyalty doesn’t fail. I gave them another chance simply for the fact that MarkMan is such a visible figure in the community, and I can’t say that about many other companies. I just can’t help but root for the guy.

I used to root for that guy “Markman” but not so much now.
I can’t get hold of him at all. I PM him, email him, tweet him, post on SRK and still nothing.

This RT/LT problem is happening everyday.

It’s obviously an inherent design/manufacture flaw. No one will help.
Avoid TE R1+R2 is my advice.
I don’t mean to knock the sticks I love but it is such a pain knowing roundhouse will stop working.

Just waiting for my Qanba Q4 pre order to come later this week.

Come on madcatz admit there is a problem with some of these sticks.
How many RMA numbers have you given out for this problem? 4 out of 4 sticks for me!

Thanks, I will also set the stick aside just cos it’s signed by Daigo!
Maybe spend more money getting a new pcb. I cant/won’t solder so I’m stuck I guess.

Dude, noddy. First off man, this is the second thread you’ve gone off on. You really should grab a DMM and test the PCB before jumping on and writing these statements over and over. I’m not sure you entirely know what you’re saying. . . especially if you refuse to do some simple soldering.

Secondly, my release day R1 TE stick also had a problem with the last two kick buttons intermittently going out. I know others that had this issue. However, instead of jumping in prematurely and pointing fingers, I did my due diligence and found the problem to be in the turbo PCB. I believe it to be a grounding problem, but it could be something else entirely, in hindsight it doesn’t even matter. Regardless, I made some simple modifications to the case by relocated the guide button by adding a 24mm in the front. Then I put a plexi on top without the turbo area cutout and removed the turbo PCB entirely. I’ve never had the problem again and this was done about a year ago.

My point is, your stirring bad blood in a community that works together to fix problems. I’m no expert at this stuff, but there just isn’t that much to investigate. To me, you sound like you have some problems with your stick, so your coming on here to scream and whine for someone else to fix it.

Open the damn stick and use a multimeter if you really want your stick fixed. Do some investigating and come back with some solid information on what you find.

Only you can fix it. . . . nobody is going to send you a replacement outside of warranty. Do some work, come back and PM me, I’d be happy to ‘help’ you through it. But stop bashing the best fight stick on the market, it sounds completely ignorant when the problems only affected first run models.

You’d be surprised what this community will do to help you if you approach the problem properly.

First off, I apologize for not getting back to you in a timely manner. But really, I don’t have the time in a day to reply to every email/tweet or post on SRK. I’m also not a customer service/tech support rep for Mad Catz. Just wanted to get that clear. I’m not even in the office right now, I’m traveling on business. So I can’t do anything until I get back.

I definitely want to help, but there’s not much I can do where I’m at. You can either try your patience with me or try calling (I recommend calling over email) Mad Catz:

Again, apologies for not catering to your specific needs.

Sorry Markman I did not mean to sound rude and disrespectful. I met you and SvB 2010 and you were well safe.

I just get a bit angry when the stick cuts out in the middle of matches.

You are obviously a very busy globe trotting guy and won an award for your efforts.

I think I’m just going to cut my losses and leave this stick alone. Too much hassle for me now.