Mame 0.117 and Hori-EX2/Or Any Arcade Stick, Also an Easy Mame Frontend?

Im trying to set up a Hori-ex2 to run with Mame 0.117, Ive tried setting XBDC up and updating xbox drivers as XBDC and
it doesn’t seem to be working, The OS im using for this is WinXP SP3

Also what is an easy mame frontend?

I like GameEx as my frontend. Good for MAME and any other emulator you feel like using. The free version works just fine.

GameEX?, Ill give it a try any knowledge on my arcade stick issue?, Also with this frontend you can still access your desktop and everything like that correct?

MAME Frontends - Zophar’s Domain

Thank’s for the link GameEX uses one of the worst version of mame in my opinion.

MameUI: The GUI Version of the M.ultiple A.rcade M.achine E.mulator
You’ll most likely need to update your rom set though. I use my Xbox TE on MAME .138 just fine, plug n play.

Im not looking for mame, Im looking for a frontend hermit

Maximus Arcade looks like a good front end. Not used it myself but I plan to get it if I ever get around to building my MAME console that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while.

Get an old Pentium4, If you aren’t running 3d Games, A RadeonX800 Pro or Radeon9600XT and a old 120GB HD or 250GB, If you want to run 3d games like tekken tag you might have to invest more and 1GB ram or more, My motherboard for my arcade setup only has to pci slots for ram so im just using 1GB not running any 3d games so it runs everything smoothly, Also id prefer something free if possible, I don’t think people should have to pay personally for a frontend that just runs mame with a fancy menu