MAME 0.117 on Mac?

I was just using the Mac my brother bought a couple years ago for no reason and was wondering if there was already an emulator released for it.

I just want to play some CPS3 roms on it… , MacMame is no longer updated I believe.

oh sweet! i’m installing it on my mbp right now.

If you’re handy with a compiler, you can grab X11 and the SDL-dev files from FINK, and build rbelmont’s SDL-MAME without any dramas. Seeing as new Macs are all Intel based now, there’s no problem as they’re all little-endian.

Alright, thanks for the reply.

It seems to work for me.

If you have an intel mac you can run it in Parallels or bootcamp.

So confusing. :sad:

i’m not sure this is entirely true…

on my older version of Parallels (build 3214, i didn’t pay to upgrade to v3.0) i cannot run MAME. with the improved video support of the new version, maybe its possible - but for me, it was not. i had tried running MacMAME but it was a PPC app that would not run on my intel machine. i didn’t know a universal binary app even existed.

MAMEOSX runs great on my machine… although it seems the PQ is a little softer than on my dedicated PC.

MAME OS X performance on a PowerPC (iMac G5 1.8 GHz in my case) is abysmal, systems that used to run excellent (NeoGeo, CPS2, etc.) in the older MacMAME is now borderline unplayable. I sure hope it works better on the new Intel based Macs…

Hmmm, could it be a DirectX issue? I know the latest version supports DX 8.3 and opengl.

that’s what i’m thinking. in parallels 3.0 they added support for 3d acceleration. i had thought you didn’t need that for mame… but maybe there was some other feature added that allows it.

but mame os x plays like silk on my 2ghz, 2gig RAM mbp. i’d much prefer to stay inside of OSX than have to jump to virtual-xp anyway.

  • oh, and my joystick (agetec) + usb adaptor (pcjoybox) works too… although i might sense a slight bit of minimal lag. i’m not sure.

I’ve only looked into mame a little bit (going to get into it when my summer semester is over) and I remember reading it needs DirectX 3. So if older parallels had no dx support, that would do it :slight_smile:

I’m glad to know that there’s a native OSX version. Right now I just have a MacBook but I’m going to be getting one of the new, high-end MBP’s in the next month or so.