Mame 32k or Mame0.117 Quality Issues?

Im trying to figure out why none of my games look as good as other peoples mine look pretty awful, Im using a LCD Monitor but ive seen other people using the same and it looking pretty nice im just wondering what setting’s they might have gone through to make it look better then it is by default? If anyone gets where im going, Lol.

Basically i want to know what settings i should use to make it look nicer

Do you mean the graphics look awful or the animation? I use 0.139, not 0.117 but for me setting video to “opengl” in my ini file improves the graphics. Setting multithreading to “1” improves performance/animation.

I dislike 0.139, I prefer a GUI

I prefer the GUI of my choice so I download the 0.139 source code and compile it myself. For my GUI I run Wah!Cade with a custom layout made by me. All this runs on Linux of course.

I am using Windows, So you probably can’t be much of help but thanks!

Is there not a frontend available for the command line version of MAME? Surely there is. What game are you playing on LCD that looks ugly? Is it sprite (pixel) based?

Mortal Kombat 1 2 3 UMK3, Street Fighter II Turbo/Grand Master/HyperST/World Warrior
There is a frontend available, Its what im using which i stated Mame32k and Mame0.117