MAME 32k street fighter collection configuration problem


i have a saitek six button layout pad that i have configured without problem with MUGEN…

MAME 32k street fighter collection has been a different story… lots of endless menus that i have not been able to reset…

how do you change the button configuration in MAME 32k??


In game hit tab, then to player 1 controlls


bump… nothing happens when i press the tab key… the only way I’ve been able to get any menu is with “F2”… any help would great because i’m guessing the problem is a simple one…


You may have mapped the menu key accidentally or got a copy that has been changed. Shut down mame, then go to the “cfg” folder in your Mame folder and delete “default.cfg”. This file keeps up with the changes to things like inputs. When you delete it, mame will make it again the next time it runs, but the inputs will be back to default. Then tab should get you the menu. If this doesn’t work, just DL a new copy of mame (not from the same place) and throw your roms in it.


i did accidentally map the tab key trying to configure the buttons a few months back & forgot about it… that said the “cfg” folder i found is empty with nothing to delete… i’m not sure where you are asking me to look in MAME??


I just mean the folder your mame is in. The same one the mame exe file and the roms folder is in. There should be a cfg folder with a file I think for every game you’ve played and a “default” one that’s for mame itself.