MAME 3s Online (Only 1p?)

Hey, me(1), my friend(2), and another friend(3) all play MAME 3s Online as well as real one. When I play 2 it works perfectly, when I play 3 it works perfectly, but when 2 plays 3, they get a problem where they each play single mode, why does this happen? And when we play in a group where the third player watches and replaces we ALL get the problem, help please.

hey, I just downloaded 3s and got it working,

is there a way to make it work without doing the 20 minute loading every time?

or do you online players have to sit there a wait before each game?

What do you mean by waiting? I play in West Wonderland because I’m from California, so after joining it once if I click right above Server Name (or somewhere there) you will find a “History” tab… So… from there just go back into your server and wait for someone to host or host your own… I personally play with my friends all the time chatting via AIM.

everytime i try to play online MAME wants to rewrite the ROM each time I join a new player, its takes like 30 mins to rewrite it.

How do I fix this???
When I play single player offline, it only had to write it once the first time, after that never again, online it rewrite eachtime you launch the game

Im sure someone must know the cure, plz!


so you guys have never had this problem?

ValgarGG I Believe you have to wrong version of mame…or at least the shitty version try. the .117 version.

And reiji that problems occurs quite often…I guessing due to desynchs but did you guys ever try the position advancement?

Think of it this way cause I suck at explaining.

Shift f6: Step away from arcade machine
Shift f5: Next player advance to play.

So usually when I play with 3 people. Winner stays and looser presses sift f6 and waiting player presses shift f5. Confusing? Yes. Good luck.

Check the mame3k folder, there should be 2 dump files. Delete them, it solves the 1 player only problem.

You need the NO CD versions of the ROMs. They don’t require you to load the image.
Takes about 10 seconds for those to load.

If you’re having a problem where the game is starting, but you’re both alone, close MAME completely and restart. It usually happens after you’ve been disconnected and you try to make a game again right away without restarting the emulator.