MAME 3S Training Mode Guide

Get MAME: (I used the 64 bit version.)

Get the roms (pretty sure I cannot link them) and place them in roms folder.

Get most up to date Cheat file:

Only extract the first zip. Place the folder in your MAME folder.

Go to Start > run > cmd > Change Directory to your MAME folder location.

“cd c:/users/ts/desktop/…/mame” then hit enter.

Then type “mame64 -cc” and hit enter.

This creates your ini file. (It resembles a lined piece of paper with a gear on the left side.)

Right click this and select Edit.

Scroll down for the Cheat option and set the 0 to 1. Save and close.

You will probably want to set it to windowed mode as well.

Run mame64. Run sfiii3n (it should be grayed.)

Press Tab to configure your Inputs. Press Enter and then the key/button you want to use. Be patient as it takes a second. You’ll want to set it up for both players so you can set up your training dummy.

ESC will go back a menu, and close it.

Tab also gives access to the Cheat menu. You pretty much want Infinite time and to give P1 and P2 infinite power/energy. Coin up and start practicing! :slight_smile:

I have been trying to get a training mode for a while as I don’t have a console to play OE. Took me a while to figure it all out so I wanted to share in case anyone else was interested. I think it works fairly well.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Anyone know if it can be done with alpha 2/3

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There are cheats for almost all games, i use MameUI for the Interface.

I imagine it could be done the same way.

Updated with screenshots yay! Windowed mode is a lot better than fullscreen mode!

I dloaded a file that has just about all cheats for mame games. lets you run training mode for all the games basically. kinda a trip playing second impact with urien in training mode lol should have kept his f.strong punch lol .

I’m not gonna use this, but on behalf of all the lurkers who will. Thanks.

I hooked it up with A2 so that’s great. Been wanting to practice custom combos.

Slightly off topic but why can’t you show inputs on 3soe, so lame.

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I’ve been using a setup like this for years, how did you folks not know of it? BTW I use Emu Loader as a front end and for configuring the games. Also you don’t need sfiii3 for sfiii3n to work.

Hello, I’m having trouble opening the directory. How exactly do I paste the directory to the CMD? When I do RUN it opens up a window, and when I paste the directory it opens up the files, but nothing else. On CMD how exactly do I enter the directory? When I paste it I get an error.

Cd directory

Thank you.

I have a problem, I followed everything in the first post, but when I tried to open the rom it tells me “the selected game is missing on rom or CHD image”

Prob means your rom files don’t match up to what MAME wants. MAME uses different romsets than FBA, Kawaks and the other emulators for which you can get roms easily off Google, but finding valid MAME roms is a bit more difficult. You can use EmuLoader or some other program to validate your roms and see what’s wrong.

Ok, the roms work now.

Note that I didn’t even touch the controls for my stick, and it played fine, but the problem is that throw (LP+LK?) and HK don’t work. How do I go about setting up these controls? I tried in the control panel but nothing happens.

through this or other emulator cheat setups, has anyone figured out how to

1 set up the equivalent of console’s random block CPU
2 have the CPU record a series of moves and play it back (with save states available during the playback)

these are features that make OE training mode indispensable to me. I need the first for hit confirm practice and the second for counterpoke and setup investigation. if you can do this on MAME too that would be pretty sick. I’ve been messing with various fighting games in ShmupMAME since reading the thread talking about how ST is nearly identical to arcade on input lag using it.

I don’t think it’s possible in MAME. I think FinalBurnRR could do it but I haven’t seen a script for that purpose yet.

actually sat down with a friend and played a while. ignore what I said about lag feeling okay, I must’ve been half asleep when I wrote that. emulators are still bad news for 3s.

However, emulators kept this 10+ years old game alive for long time. Thanks to them, we have a 3s re-release, a new port which is better than the PS2 port and it’s close to arcade as far as speed/input delay goes.
Mame is not a perfect emulator, but no where near as bad as you say. Not to mention the performance varies on builds like any software.

Don’t pass off your opinion/personal displeasure as a fact.

what I’m saying is that papasi recently tested ShmupMAME vs FBA and found FBA has around 2 frames more input lag in every setup, and found that ShmupMAME was pretty close to arcade in terms of input lag for ST (thought the speed is wrong and requires some wrangling to get it in the vicinity). so I figured “hey maybe this works for CPS3 as well.” after spending a good amount of time with it, I don’t think the same can be said for ShmupMAME’s CPS3 emulation. which is not surprising, CPS3 has always been more problematic than CPS2.

I don’t care about the rest of it. I’m not making any points about how we should feel about emulation or what it has or hasn’t done for the community. to me that argument doesn’t matter much.

I’m saying for anyone who read papasi’s post and had hopes for ShmupMAME, this is still not the answer we are looking for as far as arcade accuracy goes IMO. if anyone else wants to investigate, awesome. I think it would be really cool if there was a solution to arcade accurate third strike that didn’t require us to drop significant money on a real cabinet. I don’t think that ShmupMAME is the answer. Input lag is noticeable versus OE, with both on the same monitor. which means we don’t even need to investigate the speed differences (which to my perception, ShmupMAME is super fast compared to OE, which is supposed to be fast compared to arcade). you can wrangle the emulation speed all you want and try to get it close, but you are still playing with noticeable input lag even on a CRT.

Also to clear things up, the post you quoted was a complete edit of a post that was originally in that place, where I said I had played 3s in ShmupMAME briefly and that it felt pretty close. The next day I came back and played longer, paying more attention. The input delay is apparent versus console and the link timing is clearly different. Links should be a decent way of testing for input lag if you don’t have the equipment to do real more solid tests. Ken’s stand strong for example has pretty different timing between OE and FBA/MAME/ShmupMAME. In any case because it was a complete edit, I overwrote what I said before and said to ignore what I had already written there. I don’t mean to say “ignore what Papasi said” because I definitely believe him that ShmupMAME has 2F less input lag than FBA for CPS2. His tests make sense and it agrees with what I have experienced as well.

Just made few tests, and it looks like Mame-rr = shmupMame = fba-rr = fba (ggpo one) = OE (360) = 3 frames input lag. (Can’t explain why i got 1 frame less than tests done after OE came out, but it doesn’t matter here).
Tested with a good old crt pc monitor, same one for both pc and 360. Also, same stick with a led on HK (i used Chun’s far hk for tests).
PC is on XP SP3 btw.

Will check arcade tomorrow.
edit: forget about arcade, no led there…
Need some sleep…

Very interesting! Is Mame-rr known to have less input lag than Mame proper? I believe ShmupMame claims to have removed 1f of lag from Mame’s CPS3 emulation.

FWIW I’m using Windows 7 classic mode. so all the Aero stuff turned off.