Mame and TE FightStick


I have a 360 TE fightstick and want to use it on Mame. Is there a emulator that supports the fightstick. When i bring up the properties in mame option i don’t see the stick on the controller tab. Do i need additional drivers for vista?
please help.


Does Windows recognize your stick when you plug it in?

Go to control panel>game controllers and see if you can test it.

If it works there it should work. If not you need drivers.


yea so i guess its not a driver problem. i am using mame32 and it doesn’t support it… however if i use a regular xbox 360 wired controller its there selectable in the mame controller tab. But the TE doesn’t


My PS3 TE works great in mameUI32.

I just start the game up and push tab to bring up the menu and configure the stick there.


on the tab where do you configure the stick. i don’t see in on mameUI32… on the option go to default game options, then to contoller mapping and assign all to joystick. load up mame game and would not work.


it should work fine. my 360 te works on mame and ggpo.


what am i doing wrong … ugggh someone lead me through this


should the TE stick switch be on LS, DP, or RS


You can use this tutorial to get this to work

And if you need any help just pm me and I’ll see if I can help you


Those files/mirrors are down…anyone have a rehost? Tried google search of the filenames and they came up with the same mirrors


you could use joy2key


You shouldnt need to, just start up any old game in mame32 then press tab once the game is running

Select Input/General/Player 1 controls and map your controls from there


Make sure “Enable joystick input” is checked within Options > Default Game Options > Controllers.

Also, check to see if “-nojoy” is in the target box of the executable/shortcut.


can’t map button in mame because the TE is not responding… in Vista control panel its shows everything is fine and onscreen test shows that it works.
In mame i can select it or anything.


Pm with your email address so I can email the files just install the latest xbcd drivers


Just switch it on dp and program the hat switches i use it for everything even mugen


I’ve been seeing this problem all over the internet

I’m just now tryin MAME with my 360 TE stick. This is how i feel.
The stick is recognized, but i can’t set the buttons in the game like i normally can.
All my drivers are set i guess. The joystick box is checked, so wtf?!

Joy2Key is shite.

Xpadder is much better, and up to date.
I never understood how j2k works, but i guess it did somehow because i got to play BBB, and Blitzkampf.


ok, I got Xpadder to work with Mame, but Big bang Beat, and Blitzkampf are still foggy.
BBB has some of the buttons, but i can’t set them right.
And Blitzkampf isnt reading the stick at all.