Mame changes in Windows 7

Recently downloaded the Windows 7 RC and for some reason in my mame all the games that require a .chd wont run. It is as if it can not read the CHD tried searching google and these forums but it is hard to ping search words…any help would be great. Thank You

Had to also get a different mame app as for soem reason 64 bit did not work in 7.

Right click the Mame.exe and go to properties. Then, select Compatibility from the tabbed menu at the top of the properties page. Now, tick the “Run this program in compatibility mode for…” box and select the OS you wish to emulate. WinXP (service pack 2) works fine.

I’ve had a lot of issues with my mame stuff in Windows 7 as well. Nebula is the only real solid mame emu i found on the system, but still crashy. =/

Dear *** beefenchilada

For me Mame works with Win7 but I can’t control it by the joystick so if u please to figure out the solution although that I Enable Joystick input