Mame doesn't recognize the Xbox 360 Triggers

I recently got a 360 wireless receiver to plug my Wireless Xbox controller into my comp. I run mame and am trying to change the buttons but it doesn’t recognize my Left Trigger or Right Trigger input. It’s not the controller as the triggers work on my other emulators. Does anyone know a way around this? If this helps, I noticed that when assigning the triggers in my other emulators, the triggers are not like normal buttons ( I.E. Button 1, 2 ,3, etc), instead the buttons are called Axis4 +ve (exactly as typed with the space) is this why it wont recognize the trigger? Thanks for any help.

P.S. I searched this forum for an hour and concluded this topic has not been brought up, so please don’t yell at me :sweat:

BTW This is MAME32, the one with a GUI, not the command line version in case it makes a difference.

Yeah, the default 360 driver put the triggers on an axis, so you could download some custom drivers, or get a program like joytokey to set each trigger to a keyboard key. The latter is probably best, since it won’t mess up games that use the triggers correctly.

yeah, I tried joy to key but the buttons aren’t recognized at all. So it seems like I have to change the drivers :frowning:

I believe XBCD would be the ones dvon was suggesting.

thank yoyu speed lolita but your post couldn’t help me. First of all that program only works for XP (I have Vista) and it only works for the original wired Xbox controller, not the 360 controller and even then not for a wireless one. As of dvon’s suggestion the left trigger and right trigger are located on the Z axis. Unfortunately joy to key doesn’t not offer setting buttons for the Z axis and MAME itself does not recognize the 360’s Z-axis. Once again, I thank you for your help but unfortunately my problem is much more difficult to handle. I am still open to suggestion on what to do as I’m not technically proficient and therefore have difficulty with situations like these. If there are any other programs, forum, etc you could recommend to me to get help it would be much appreciated. I’m sure there has to be some way into tricking MAME that the left and right triggers aren’t on the Z axis.

It doesn’t work for wireless 360 controllers, but it does work for wired ones, though I’ve never gotten it to successfully install.

I’ve got Joy to Key 3.7.4. Go to the "Others " tab and select “Use Axes other than X and Y.” Then I assign Axis3 >0 and <0 some values. Sounds like you’ll need to assign Axis4.

Hey ragnarok, you have a wireless 36o controller set up? I did what you described in joytokey but It never worked. I assigned those axisses (axi?) f and g. I then set button 3 and button 6 in MAME to F and G. This is how it is supposed to be done right? I did that and it didn’t work, could you explain it to me more?

Well I have a wired setup actually, with a modded 360 gamepad in a Fightstick shell.

Open up notepad when you’re assigning buttons to the triggers. If it takes you should be able to “type” a row of F and G just buy hitting your trigger buttons. Also try setting all the extra Axes to something, then use process of elimination to determine which axis# is triggering with the button presses. One, last think I had to do, oddly, was unplug then replug in my controller, so perhaps try that with your wireless receiver.

As long as your computer can register the trigger presses, you should be able to assign them to something in Joy to Key. In theory anyway.

well, I did exactly that and found out through process of elimination that axis 3 corresponds to the left and right triggers. So in joytokey I set it to F and G. Then, in MAME, I assigned button 3 to f and button 6 to G (so hard punch would be right trigger and heavy kick would be left). Is this how you have it set up?

I only ever actually use the triggers in SNK games that I run in winkawaks. Did you try the notepad test?

Yeah, left trigger types an f and right trigger types a g. So the computer does recognize them. It’s just that MAME does not.

Unfortunately, I’m out of Ideas. mame is always praised for its customizability. When you actually type F and G when you have MAME up, does it respond?

well, I’ve figured it out. I downloaded mame plus after a suggestion form a friend and was pleasantry surprised to find out it worked. Then my friends changes the deadzone on the stick saying he likes it better that way (even though neither of us knew what it did) and the triggers stopped working again! So I checked my original mame program and the controllers were configured to the exact deadzone that my friend sets and it seems that adjusting the deadzone messes with the triggers. So sorry to put you through all this bull**** but I appreciate your efforts to help. Thank you very much.

Just throwing this out there, but another option would be to use Xpadder.

It recognizes the 360 triggers and allows you to set it up a keystroke, which works really well for GGPO, Mame and other emulators.

Now if only I could get my SE trigger buttons to work :frowning:

Cool, that’s useful information to know for whenever I get around to getting my PC set up correctly for MAME. Better believe these 4 arcade sticks will be playing some Ninja Turtles, X-Men, and or Simpsons brawling game.