MAME Emulator Input Lag Test


I’m curious if anyone has done or is capable of doing an input lag test on the current version of Mame (0.146) on a Windows 7 system. Preferably using a VGA CRT for an accurate measurement. I’ve also noticed that Win7 USB poll rates are 125hz aka 8ms by default; granted there are a few hacks to force the 1000hz (1ms) rate, in addition to utilizing usb mice that support that poll rate. I’ve tried doing a rough side by side comparison of running Super Turbo via a supergun through CRT in comparison to running the emulated version on a dedicated laptop and it appeared really close in terms of input delay. Would love to get an exact measurement though.

Any information regarding a test such as this would be greatly appreciated.


There’s ways to wire the button from the stick to the video signal lines and record the video that can get you relatively precise lag information. I’m not sure how well you can control for the variations between set-ups. I can give you a call.


I know there’s a variant of mame used by Schmup fanatics that eliminates the input lag, but I don’t know much about it. Apparently mame adds some input lag by default and the schmup people don’t like to tolerate it. I don’t blame them.


Apparently what they do for Shumpmame is pause the game, then hold a direction, then press Shift+Pause. Keep holding a direction and repeatedly press shift+pause. This will make the game go frame-by-frame and then you count the number of frames before your ship/character moves. I have also tried this for FBA where you pause, hold a direction and then press F1 to make the emulator go frame-by-frame. FBA has more lag on CPS1/2 games then shumpmame.


overall how much lag is compared to arcade? this is all about ST, rite? :slight_smile:


Why u post so months after last???

Yo check it. Yesterday I do test, k? Pause, press button frame by frame MAME-RR is like dat 4 frames yo.