Mame error that doesn't allow me to play

when i open my 3S rom, and its just 3s, not 2nd impact or any other game. it gives me this on a screen and i can’t play.

“There is not enough memory installed on the PCB.
Turn off power,
and install more memory before restarting.”

i dont exactly understand what that means

when i restart my pc it usually fixes, but i did it twice this time and no luck. any help guys? thanks a bunch.

MONSTER EDIT: t-kimura helped me with it…u need to delete all the files in the “nvram” folder. then it’ll run as good as new. if it doesnt delete things in the “pcb” folder and it should be fine. :tup:

thx had that same problem. I’d rep but it won’t let me yet :confused:

yea its cool…anything to help fellow gamers :tup: