MAME/GGPO Recording, Help Please?

Yeah I’ve been having a lot of trouble with recording MAME and GGPO. Does anyone have recommended settings? I want to be able to record it in high quality because I really hate low quality videos (YouTube)… I am planning to encode it to DivX with SUPER but first I need to record the video!

So anyways, what I want are some settings that will record video with nice quality and also decent enough sound quality. Yes I know GGPO’s sound is crappy so I probably won’t record sound on that.

Thank you.

EDIT: Oh yeah, by recommend settings I meant for the program Camtasia…

i’m pretty sure mame has a built in record feature.

^Doesn’t it lag?

I heard the built in feature gives you a lot of trouble… Plus what the guy above said.:rofl:

Back when I played World of Warcraft, Fraps was the program of choice for recording videos. Never used it myself though.

FRAPS doesn’t record MAME/GGPO…

Camtasia? Never used it for those things, had a friend who used it to record stuff though.

just jump camtasia to record at 60fps with XVID codec or x264. XVID is usually the standard many people use for combo videos and match videos. just make sure u maintain the same framerate when u convert them to w/e and u will be fine. usually any video on any major video site looks crappy because the video site recompress it for web viewing.

mame recording feature doesnt lag at all the SF3 matches were made with mame and the mvc matches were made with Camtasia

*Mame 0.116u3 has a built in AVI recorder 8-), u just hold Left Ctrl + Left Shift
right before you click start game,then let go of the button when the game loads and it displays the game running.
After the match is over,(assuming you closed it) open up mame and click File --> Replay (inp) to AVI Record then pick a codec and click OK.The replay will load and you will have to press the Record AVI button in mame. Be aware that mame doesnt assign a Record AVI button so you would need to configure that in the TAB MENU under User Interface entry.

P.S. make sure you configure the recording properties correctly or you wont get anything recorded but sound.*

I can’t try out the included recorder right now but when I put Camtasia on XviD it crashes… I also tried it on DivX and it gave me “Unable to write AVI file frame”

I’ll test out the MAME recorder when I have the chance…

the 3s vids seemed really really jumpy/laggy.

It definitely records MAME32, as I recorded some stuff using it earlier.

If you can’t encode to a codec with Camtasia, just tell it to write uncompressed or raw, and then compress it yourself later.

first try with the mame recorder wasn’t successful. When I loaded the match (after messing around in the system menu in the game which was recorded) it failed to record what we did after a short time into it. Just left at the intro screens and what not