MAME help

First of all What is the server IP for West Coast Wonderland? I can never seem to find it or join on the kaillera list. If I click it in recent servers i get the connecting… dialog box but it just stays there forever and does nothing.

Secondly, I had 118u3 and it worked fine. Then I got 118u5 and it wouldn’t load the jap SF:3s and nobody seems to use the latest version so I DLed 117 and now all the buttons are set to ‘None’ I can’t even move around the UI with arrow keys or anything. How do I fix ?

Also now when the game is loading i have to type O K then enter and it says on the bottom “ERROR: Failed to load state” but the game still loads. Wtf?

You can try renaming the mame.cfg file, then launch mame again. It should recreate it with the defaults.

I think that’s the file that saves the button info, maybe mame.ini. You can rename them both and try it.

I don’t see mame.cfg , renamed the mame.ini and it didn’t do anyhting.

freaking shit how did they just get deleted like that?
Enter, ESC,PGUP,PGDWN still work. I used page down and renamed UI left to left arrow but left doesn’t do anything… Fuck if only it were down or up…


Default.cfg under cfg subfolder :slight_smile: thanks for the help.

Ahh yes, I think they changed that a while ago. I haven’t kept up on MAME very much for the past few years. Glad you got it fixed though.

Game On :).