Mame OS X? how do I get this to work?

Ok I downloaded the application MAME OS X and the street fighter 3rd strike rom. I have been looking all around the internet using google and youtube to try and find a tutorial on how to get this to work and have not found any help.

Does anyone here know how to use MAME OS X and could give me a brief tutorial on how to play games with it?

I don’t think you can run 3rd strike with MAME OS X. The program is a piece of shit anywaywas… you should use MacMAME. Its much much more stable, but it hasen’t been updated for 2 years.

Get your roms, put them in the roms folder (keep them zipped), then boot up the program and find the game and open it.

It also depends on your CPU and OS.

Fact is that most emulators nowadays are graduating to Intel-only and Mac OS 10.5 support.

People who have PPC and OS 10.4 or lower are getting left behind.

I’m in the latter category myself.

Mame OS X works fine on MacIntels but is nonfunctional on my PPC Mac.

MacMame, on the other hand, still works fine despite not being updated for at least 3 years as the previous poster stated.

EDIT2: Nevermind. Totally forgot its against the rules to even explain how to get roms/emulators to work. Best off googling it, it isnt hard.

I thought it was ok as long as we were talking legally.

Anyway thanks for the help guys.

I have finally figured it out after messing around with it for the last 5 to 6 hours.

I have used macmame and mameosx and i find mameosx to work WAY better

my vote goes for SDLMame which is command line only, and then grab a frontend like mamepgui or mametunes.

remember, in order to get your triggers working (LT RT), hold the button down for like 5 seconds and don’t just tap it!