MAME OSX and PS3 Joysticks


I’m writing this post because I slammed my head against the intetnet’s knowledge without results for quite some time. I own the Mad Catz TE and Hori Real Arcade Pro.3 for the PS3 and have a PS3 that is NOT backward compatible with PS2 games. Therefore, I was forced into the MAME world to get my SFIII Third Strike fix (I cannot WAIT for a PSN release).

Anyway - there is a lot of info out there to help 360 stick owners get their units working with Mac OSX. ALL OF THIS IS UNECESSARY FOR PS3 STICK OWNERS. All PS3 joysticks SHOULD be plug and play.

MAME OS X was not recognizing my joystick, even though I had remapped it every which way possible with USB Overdrive. Turned it of, on, etc.

If you have USB Overdrive installed on your Mac UNINSTALL IT FOR COMPATIBILITY WITH MAME OS X.

My joystick works perfectly after uninstall. I hope that someone with pull in the forums will promote this thread so that other users with the unique combination of PS3 Sticks / MAC OSX / MAME OSX / and USB OVERDRIVE will find their answer more easily that I did!

Thanks, and good luck! :wgrin: