MAME performance help - specific

so i just got into the power instinct series (if yer gunna criticize go ahead w/e just make sure u have sumthing constructive to say that helps my problem too), and i got them all to work just fine and perfectly. But now the 3rd game in the series, Groove On Fight, is also working, but it is operating slow as hell, i mean i can max out half-life 2, quake 4, and doom 3, and this thing is acting like my computer is slow or something. . . . anyone tell me why its playing so damn slow ?? does it have to do with the fact that its from the sega saturn arcade hardware (ST-V) ??? plzz any help would be appreciated.

I can’t really give you any help but I did read somewhere that you can’t really base the performance of MAME games on your computer’s specs. It said even if your computer can run all the newest games it doesn’t mean anything for MAME because the games run in a different way and that’s just how some games are in terms of being emulated.

Prolly. Saturn stuff is barely emulated and it’s slow as hell. I’m no expert, bu tI bet that has something to do with it.

can anyone of you tell me which mame you know of that uses the least RAM ??

for Groove on Fight to work decent you need a powerful CPU, at least 2.5 GHZ or more would be better ah, and i recommend atleast 1 gig of ram,

ALSO the game runs on STV hardware and its currently not at 100% emulated, but you can play the game just fine if you have a decent machine.:cool:

hey hanzo do u know if its going to be 100 percent emulated anytime soon ??

and i have an amd64 3700+ with 1 gb of ram lol

well as far as i know mame hasnt had STV updates in a while, but what they got sure does the job just fine, and i play groove on fight every once in a while, i think the only problem i notice with the stv games is the sound, but everything else works great.

i reccomend always running the latest mame build cause things get updated constantly:smokin:

What OS are you on?

The reason I ask is that if you compile it yourself, you can pass some extra flags -

ie, if you have a dual core system, (or quad core!) you can pass -j3, and also -O3 or -O4, as well as -funroll-loops. That will speed the binary up, but it will wind up being larger too. Also make sure you have plenty of RAM, and offload as much work to the GPU as possible. Make sure you use a MAME build that can make use of OpenGL and use OpenGL to blit the video.