MAME problem

When I tired to open MAME today I get this message:

Error while saving custom file folders Favorites.ini

I didnt have no idea what that meant so I disregard it, to only find out now when I load a game in MAME when it gets to 100% it doesnt load completely and the window closes and it opens back up to where I started when I first did mame.

Its like this:

Click Mame>error message>X message>Mame loads and it goes to game selection screen>select game and load>game goes 100% and doesnt initialize and goes back to game selection screen

what the fuck is this shit O_o

delete everything except your rom folder and reinstall

Try deleting “Favorites.ini” in the “folders” folder.

Ninja edit: does MAME know where your ROM folder is ?
Take a look at Options>Directories…

Yeah it does, my ROMS folder is actually the roms folder from an older MAME version I was too lazy to delete.

Sorry for posting here but I too have some sort of a MAME problem…well ROM mainly but it’s MAME related-



I can’t run Real Bout 2 (Set 1 OR 2) on ANY of the new MAMEs. Any advice how to resolve this?

if the RBFF2 rom CRCs dont match then i dont think they will run at all i suggest hunting down a rom with matching CRCs that the mame version is asking for.:wink:

or you can compile your own version of mame and modify the neogeo.c driver to match your CRCRs:wgrin: