Mame > psx-usb adaptor!

okay i just got this mame thing and the 3s rom, just for s and g’s but i can’t get my stick to play i have the psx to usb adaptor it works on my zsnesw emulator but i can’t figure out how to map buttons for it on mame forgive me if there is already a thread on this but could someone give me a hand?

Hit “tab” go to “input this game” and then I think you can figure out the rest. If you mess up and have 2 things assigned to one action, then choose it again, hit esc, and that’ll clear anything selected.

well i did that but it doesn’t recognize my inputs with anything but the keyboard, other wise i wouldn’t ask you guys for help ^^ is there a program i can use to map key’s to buttons outside of mame? have them do the same function inside of mame?

OMG thanks that helps out so much, no if i can only figure out how to play against real people c.c;;;;;;