Mame recohnizes my Ps2 pad but not my T5 stick

Yea I’ve been playing Mame with my Ps2 Pad with my Super Dual Box Pro Ps2->PC converter and I decided to switch to my t5 stick. Problem is my Mame doesn’t recognize my t5 stick. When I bring up the tab menu and try to input the buttons for the stick, the comes up as “none”.

Ok well now i got it to work but my whenever I press and hold any of my stick buttons, mame recognizes it as me pressing the button multiple times, really fast. So my left and right movement becomes dashes and whenever I push any P or K button it comes out as 2 or 3 punches really fast… O_o

I had the same problem with my HRAP2 with the 4 player Super Joybox. Unfortunately I never figured out how to get it to work properly with anything other than official Sony pads so I just ended up getting another adapter.

Yea, it maybe the converter…cause mine worked fine…even worked for my ps3 pelican converter

Try having only one controller plugged in at a time, and when you switch controllers unplug the adapter from the USB port first.

The Super Joy Box 5 Pro has 4 slots, and whenever there is more than one thing in there it registers the buttons as auto fire… Ie dashes and lots of punches coming out quickly. So unplug everything and then just have the stick connected and give it ago. Works for me.

Thanks black fixed it.