Mame sound problems

My sound suddenly became glitchy in Mame32k. it was fine the day before yesturday even online. But now it it keeps repeating and skipping (offline as well as online). The video seems to be running fairly fine but I dont know. I spent like 3 hours trying to get it to work messing with tons off settings and i updated my audio and video drivers on my pc. It works on my brothers pc with the exact same settings, running off of my hard drive.

any help would be gratly apriciated

One thing I’ve notice over than many many engine changes MAME has gone through. Is that at some point configuring the sound settings too low ended up causing timing issues with the sound for newer speeder systems.

For instance if I switch my sound to use 11025Hz or 22050Hz things start to get bad, we’re talkin static n’ stuff in the most extreme cases. If I increase the buffer a bit, things get better for a while, but eventually it’ll crap out. I usually have to keep it set to 44100Hz or better, with a 3s buffer. Things run 100% fine like that. Even though I’d prefer a 22050Hz for a more authentic arcade machine sound.

Maybe you can provide us with some more information, such as your system specs, MAME version, and what games seem to be affected (newer, older, 2D, 3D, etc.)

im running mame32k .64
ive tried with mame32k .67 and it works nice but noone is online and no cross support
doesnt work with mame32k++ same problem only worse

I have not noticed this problem in any other programs.

the problem occurs in all games ive tried which only includes 2d games from a variety of years

i have an nvidea 5700 turbo graphics
realtrek ac '97 audio (crappy integrated)
756 mb of ram
2.53 gigahertz pentium 4

any ideas