Mame Thread


I wasn’t able to find a specific thread about this so might as well start one (but please merge if there’s any old open threads. thanks)

Currently having plans on making either a arcade cabinet or a bartop and one of my considerations is to have a pc mame emulator inside of em. i’ve been thinkering around with emulators for years now and stayed out of mame as it gave me head aches before, and now it left me no choice but to try and learn it for the sake of making a cab.

Some of you may not prefer this but i can’t really afford to buy a board for each game that i want, so might as well as go with quantity over quality.

Mame has different bios, roms and versions that you need to pay attention to. and with my experience each may not be compatible with one another, currently i’m working with 2 mame emulators (mame32 and mameuifx32) and both of them has all the bios but has different games that work, which is wierd to me.

i know alot of people may have the same concerns (or worse) so that’s the reason why i bothered making this thread. if someone can provide a mame that can have everything working, just like what i see on videos of cabinets that run em, please do. or atleast links on what works would be appreciated.



With all the different configurations of hardware that MAME is emulating, it’s never going to be 100% compatible for everything. Not everything has been documented well and there may be last-minute customizations/details the original hardware manufacturers left off the spec sheets/manuals for some arcade machines. MAME’s also developed as a side project/hobby by many different people. Some may or may not have connections with the arcade industry; it’s still a hobby project and an evolving one.

MAME really doesn’t take up that much disk space so having more than 1 version on-HD to play specific titles shouldn’t be an issue. There are always games that won’t run in the latest version or have issues that keep them from being 100%. I can’t be specific about ROM titles or provide links because of the rules… It’s a big no-no to link/discuss games that may still be under copyright protection and, of course, SRK’s tie-in corporations/cash/prize providers don’t look kindly on the emulation scene, either.

There are still tons of earlier games that don’t work well on any emulator out there. I think personally that the 16-bit era is covered fairly well and understood by the emulation scene. 8-bit? Well, there are probably more problems there because of the distance time-wise between today and when many of those games were released. Most of the early games are just not that popular and failed to become iconic industry standards. There are just far more (still) active videogame players from the 16-bit era. People 10-years-and-older than me generally don’t play the latest videogames anymore. There were some pretty exotic pieces of customized hardware used during the 8-bit era – some of it for only one game or a short series; some of it proprietary and confidential – and not all of it is understood. Also, unless your game is part of Atari’s classics, the Pac-Man series, or Donkey Kong games, chances are that the game has never been emulated well since the original arcade release.

The moneymaking games always come back in one form or another, sometimes with the original arcade code emulated properly. The other stuff, especially if it’s based on a licensed brand like a motion picture or TV series, not so much. There’s no incentive for companies to re-release licensed games if they have to renegotiate licensing even if they still have the game code (which is why Capcom and so forth generally prefer to develop games based on their own in-house character creations)… Most re-releases of licensed property just don’t make the money to make the effort worthwhile. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was a noteable exception…


In my experience, for the best compatibility it’s better to get the latest MAME code and compile your own MAME executable. There are programs like clrmamepro that will check your ROM packs for you and ensure compatibility also. However, do note that MAME strives for perfect emulation over perfect gameplay. Certain games will actually run with better performance on older versions of MAME, because the newer versions emulate those games more fully and so use more processor cycles. So choose whether you want the best emulation or the best performance.


You are also assuming that the rom dumps of various games are done correctly and are not corrupted or saved in a format that is useable by mame


thanks for the feedback guys, i’m not really asking for the whole mame with roms in it, i know it’s against srk’s rules. anyways… already about to give up on a mame cab and just go with the 360 or ps3 cab. still on the fence on this since it’s going to be expensive :stuck_out_tongue:


I find that I have a better overall experience with Final Burn and older builds of MAME. I’m able to play games on Final Burn without feeling like I’m on some cheapened experience like with MAME.


Hey all, casual gamer here. I haven’t used MAME since like 03’. What’s the latest version that I need to get some old school gaming done? Now for some useless information. When it came to emus and roms, I was very unorganized and I still am to this day. I use FCEU to play NES games, Kega Fusion for the Sega series, bsnes for SNES, NEORage X for NEOGEO games and Kwaks for CPS2 games. I used to use MAME, but I can’t remember which one because it’s been so long. I really need to consolidate that stuff. Can final burn do it all?