Mame vs Nulldc

im building a arcade soon hopefully and i dont wanna go out and buy a super computer i was wonder which game would run games like Street fighter 3rd strike or CvS2 best.

FBA and NullDC

soo ur saying that nulldc will run those games better on a crappy comp

I’m using Mame, specifically MamePlus. Works great with SF3 but not sure about the current support for CvS2.

mame doesn’t have naomi support at this tiem

Well im having problems with nulldc. i have a soul calibur 4 hori fighting stick 3 for ps3. i maped everything on joy to key. the buttons work fine. but joy to key doesnt detect the up down left right. can anyone help?

You’re better off just getting a Dreamcast and sticking it in the thing since both of those games are on that system. How crappy is your computer anyway? NFBA and MAME can run 3rd Strike easily. The last system I had was a 1.6ghz Pentium Dual Core (not Core 2) and 3rd Strike ran fine. As for NullDC, that ran pretty well too on that system but I don’t know about MvC2.

why would you EVER recommend the DC version of 3s?