MAME with TE 360 stick help


Well since my MAME isn’t registering any of the buttons i have to use joy2key. Does anyone know which button is button 1 etc etc?


map your buttons to the keyboard with xpadder


havent used joy2key but xpadder is easy as F*ck. all you have to do is press the buttons and they light up.


Mine registrated the buttons but not the joystick, that’s even wors! ;(


use mame plus my ps3 te’s are working fine




i’m using mame32++0.117 for 3rd strike online and such and thanks for advace but i figured it out forgot i had CPS 3 that tells you what button is what


Do the PS3 SE sticks work with MAME as well?



Make sure you have it set to DP for you stick or it won’t register


im still having problems with this. >_>


i use xpadder and i was able to map the button but not the stick(DP already)


Started using Xpadder with Mame, and it’s pretty finicky, especially with :dp: and :qcf::qcf: motions. I find both of these to be much easier in SFIV than Alpha 2.

Also, I hate how you can’t set it to 8 way, or else it won’t let you jump back or hold a :db: charge. It makes everything extremely rigid.


xpadder works fine for me. i guess it depends on your version of MAME, but you can also set your diagonals in there. that’s what i did and i pull those moves off like butter.


FWIW, my SE stick has drivers from Mad Catz. Not sure if its different for the TE stick. The stick maps to the hats under control panel.

Also, Xpadder doesn’t feel right with fighting games. I switched from Mame to Zinc (w/ Xpadder) for EX2 and ended up hating it.


All you people having problems with Inputs when you’ve just come from SF4. And your blaming xpadder? Nothing to do with xpadder. It’s SF4 and its easy inputs. I use xpadder and it’s exactly the same as FBA or any other emulator with built in support for 360 sticks.


I’m using Mame32 V.95, but only because when I transfer everything over to a new version it suddenly doesn’t work. It says a bunch of files are missing and it can’t play the game. :bluu:

And Shimmerman, I’m doing the :qcf::qcf: motions full and complete with the stick. I’m even watching the inputs during the test screens and every direction is hit. Maybe it’s the transitional period between the two qc motions that’s getting me, I dunno.


hi guys,

while trying to get my xbox 360 te to work with mame some problems occured.

at first the te isnt recognized by mame, i tried the other drivers with xbcd but that didnt work on win7. Then i tried xpadder, but eg the rt button cannot be used in gameplay. it is recognized while creating a input device but when assigning the buttons it doesnt work. All buttons work on the win control panel so i dont get the problem.

i also tried different mame versions, but on all i had different problems.

has anybody got mame and a xbox 360 te working on win7? maybe you can tell me the mame version an which tools you use.



My Xbox360 TE stick works wonderfully in MAME on Win7… I really didn’t have to configure anything… Its just using the default Win7 Microsoft Xbox360 drivers… Things you have to remember is that for your TE stick it has to be set on DP not LS or RS, it has to use Hat Switches… Otherwise it just doesn’t detect… (why would you use anything else anyways?) Also with MAME (dunno if your using a UI version, but if you are) you have to enable joystick detection…

Now if your askin what MAME I’m running, I’m running the latest MAME from (Compiled myself to leave out the nag screens and allow high score saving) Which can be read about here… Tho thats the command line version and won’t show you every game you have. (but you can type in the name if you want something specific) Mostly for a mame cab.

But Like I said for anything else you have to make sure that joystick detection is enabled…


well it still doesn’t work “out of the box” but now i’m using the windows driver for my te.

i also found the problem in xpadder. i had to uncheck "use xinput"
now all buttons work and i can finally play sf 3rds :slight_smile:

thx anyway killerxtreme