Mame Woes

I’ve been using mame for the longest time without problems. But the other day when i started it up whenvever i try to start a rom nothing happens. Not even a loading window. Now none of these problems occur on mame32k0.64, but any other other mame same prob. Now this wouldn’t be a prob normally since people only use mame32k0.64, but theres a game i desperately want to play which is on a later version. Anyone had this kind of problem before? And more inmportantly how do you fix it?

Also i tried signing up to that big ass mameworld forums, but its got beef with me, says i can;t sign up cause i’m under 13, when i’m nealy 20, ohwell looks like mame is out ot screw me today.

Did you try… reinstalling?

you can’t reinstall considering mame comes in zip files, but yes i have if u consider re extracting is reinstalling