MAME32k Crash at kaillera log in?!

For some odd reason whenever I now try to login to a server on kaillera, my MAME32k will crash and give me some weird error.

It only started after I upgraded my computer and had to reinstall windows (on XP with SP2)

Anyone have any ideas of why it’s crashing or how I can get around it?

Try to get Supra client Alternate kaillera client,

to install , Drag the kailleraclient.dll from the zipfile u downloaded from and put it in your mame folder.

if you are getting this problem with supraclient, try to delete any configuration files the supraclient generates and the chatlog,gamelog txt files

Just try to click on any random server as soon as you can

that problem only occurs when the tracker(where u get the server lists) is down.
the old anti3d client and supraclient solve that.