MAME32K for Vista?

Is there a compatible version of MAME32K out there for Vista? When I run MAME32K 0.64 it says “MAME32K has detected an old version of comctl32.dll” and won’t allow me to configure the properties for joysticks, etc.

Anyone able to get play on MAME games on Kaillera with Vista?

Try using a newer MAME32k.(110.0?)
If you want to play alone, then use a newer official MAME32 instead.
You can download it here.
It now officially supports Hyper Street Fighter 2 ! :tup:
Take that Kawaks !:arazz:

Wow thats awesome…

Finally thats like the #1 version ive been wanting to play!

What ?
You were waiting for Hyper Street Fighter 2 too?

You know, I want a CPS-3 driver/emulator…

No man its that it worked better on my kawaks but ur saying its better on Mame. Follow the posts…:confused:

It runs more accurately in MAME32 for me.
My computer is super powerful ?:confused:
I’m using Windows XP yet.:looney:

probly a bad version is what i have then, which is very comon. Cause my comp is super powa too:lovin:

So how’s the latest version on Vista then?

Meh its nothing special, i tried it on two comps in my house. My computer has really high preformance so theres no problem… However if u really dont have a great comp. Dont install it. Its not really worth it either. Its decent, its got all the shared features that Mac OS had and even some from Linux OS’s. Personally once a version of Fedora comes out that supports my games i will be getting that. So Vista is kinda “meh” its got all the stuff the other Mac users and linus users had, its still missing the customability like Linux, and the support the mac has ( like errors arnt a problem with a mac cause of simplicity) Its just a step up thats all, just without going to far and making old Windows users confused because people are dumb. Thats my review.

I don’t think there’s been a new version of MAME32K since 2003 :sad:

It seems like you won’t be able to play then.
Well,do MAME32 work ?

Yep. Single player is all good. Just no Kaillera support withouth the “K” hehe.

Mame32k 0.67 works perfectly with Vista. Too bad nobody uses 0.67…

i use .64 and i had the shit saved from before i switched to vista so all my directories ans stick was already set

i find that i have to create a game as soon as i get in the server tho and then exit the game or the main chat will go dead for me and i cant join games

but games seem to move faster online now

He was asking how the newest Mame runs on Vista…


I think by old it means new old :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone have its source? Should be enough if the comctl version check was removed and recompiled.

0.64 source literally vanished of the internet. people have been looking for it for years

I’ve found MAME32 0.62 source, is it useful for something ?

cough k cough

Well, mame sources since v0.1 is available for download in mame website.
Unfortunately, it looks as if kaillera versions were not preserved like the rest of the emulators. Dunno…people like The [censored] Rabbit might still have them. Well…they coded those earliest versions.

There’s no source code for MAME32k…
You need to compile MAME32 to enable online play…