Mame32k problems


Everytime I open up Mame32k (.90, and .64) I get this:


I went to that site, but it doesn’t exist any more. I tried downloading other comctl’s on the web, those didn’t work either. This is really agitating. It doesn’t DO anything except not let me change the Default Options (Default Options in the Options menu is grayed out). I use Mame32, it works fine. But I want to get online.

I use Windows Vista, is that the problem? =/


And that’s the answer to the $64,000 question.

Yes, Microsoft changed some critical stuff around in Vista that breaks Mame32k 0.64’s configuration options (I have Vista Home Premium, and I ran into this, too). You choice is either to get a new emulator and convince your Kaillera-playing friends to use it as well, or try and find the Mame32k 0.64 source code (good luck) and compile it into a Vista-compatible program.


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