Man Arrested for having Sex w/Teddy bear


There is no excuse for getting caught four times. He has learned nothing.


first zombies now this.


That Teddy bear looking sexy as hell.


Shit man, this is old news…



I like how they have an innocent picture of the bear like it got snatched up in the night against its will and forced into lude acts.


Aw, he just wants some attention.


That bear had it coming.


That’s not even bearly legal.


He prolly did it cus he couldn’t find a stuffed pony


The red scarf is rather slutty


Com’on guys I don’t think it would be THAT specific bear in the picture. The bear this dude had probably has a bunch of holes in it, missing eye, and random dirt stains…


Hold on…




Nothing wrong with it but, Why in public? You would think common sense would kick in and he would think “maybe I should do this at home” Then again he is merekan.


Since when is it a crime to masturbate in public?
Sure, prudes get sqeamish, but that’s to be expected of anyone living a sheltered life.
Masturbation is a natural and beautiful thing. If we hide it and pretend its wrong, kids won’t even know how to do it, and we will have all kinds of sexual frustration and deviancy. I’m pretty sure everyone learned how to masturbate by watching somebody on the bus or whatever. What’s the big deal?


take me now baby





There is nothing wrong with masturbation. However, it’s a disturbing scene to be honest. I wouldn’t want to see a man and his penis out in public. That’s like seeing 10 big fat girls running around naked. You wouldn’t wanna see that.


Try the original. Much better than obviously looped version with missing footage.



That bear was asking for it. She was dressing like a pig in heat! If she got raped by a pack of…


Well it’s about time someone-I mean I didn’t say anything.


Since people couldn’t bear to watch it.