Man arrested for ordering "blunt & herbs" at Burger King Drive-thru|aim|dl1|sec3_lnk2|117605

That dumbass is beginning to drive away their primary customers, The Blazers. I guess the person who ratted out the budsmoker lost a huge portion of his check.

I personally don’t eat at BK or any fast food joint when I get the munchies, but this is fucking stupid.

lol Who just drives around with an oz on them?

Yea, Fast food joints are a stoners 5 star restaurant

Smoke weed all day in Holland, GG

wait wut? they snitched for the joke?!

how does the cashier know what weed smells like?

aww what a lame ass

seriously who tattles anymore

having never smoked, but having worked drive thru long enough, trust me, i know what dank smells like by now.

Next thing you know, someone who works at Burger King is going to see this
Then jot down the youtube account, tell his/her supervisor, then said supervisor will proceed to dialing 911.
y so srs.

Be honest, who DOESN’T know what weed smells like?


wow lame. I remember when people drove up when I worked Drive Thru at a Wendy’s back in high school, and they were getting high.

i would just hit the joint and give em a seniors discount. If bosses asked about my eyes or the smell, i’d say those kids in that car just blew smoke at me.

I always figured that half the people who goes to a Burger King at 3am are high as fuck so I don’t see how this is in any way surprising.

What a buzz kill drive through guy.

Cold, BK. Very cold. I, for one, will not tolerate anti-marijuana vigilantism in my town.

BK…why can’t I have it my way?

I always thought that since my county was always complaining about being broke, that they should put patrol cars in front of the entrances and exits of McDonald’s at 1am-2am.

This was always last call at the bars in town, between that and the stoners, they would’ve filled their ticket quota in one night.

How he gonna snitch? Killing off his OWN paycheck and everybody elses. I hope HE gets fired. When he’s walking around a few weeks with his pockets empty, Who is he gonna be looking for? Yeah, you guessed it. He’s gonna want a blunt to calm his ass down…BUT FOR SNITCHES THERE ARE ONLY STICHES!!!


bitch made, faggot. They were paying customers and still got this treatment?

We should make a FB page for stoners to protest against BK. I guess I’ve been on a silent protest since Burger King is ass.

that’ll teach those pot heads not to joke around in public. seriously though, if you have an ounce on you it’s best to find a hiding spot for it quickly, like under ur mattress, not in ur car