Man attacked with knife over kof97

You have no idea how many people got stabbed over MK2 around 1993 or 1994. Don’t remember exactly when but it was as bad as people getting stabbed over throws in SF2.

du mai dis nikka play cheat —stab , ughhhhhh

  • ca. 1993 at a bay area bowling alley , approx. time 22:47 pst

but I mean you knew it was getting bad when people would cover their hands with their jackets to hide their fatalities!

I probably don’t considering I was, you know, 2-3 years old at the time.

Most stabbing by mexicans and asians with rat tails

By mvc2 people wanted to act black and only shit talked

Sf3 people least hype of all gamers

The salt in xmen vs sf and rage of akuma infinities made people so angry

footage of the fight:


Speaking of throws (I posted this in the legendary “Info on the Old School SF Scene?”). Back in 2002, I kept doing the roll/throw spam in CVS2 with C-Groove and this Asian guy threatened me and said he was gonna beat me up or something.

I can’t believe that this that thread is thread #22:

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This either has to be fake, or they’re not telling the whole story, cause that looks way too extreme.

Page 2, and I’m the first one to do this?

Ya’ll fuckin’ up.

Wow lot of nonsence in that article.

First of all the incident took place in Zhenjiang, not in Beijing, not at all sure where they just randomly just put Beijing.

Secondly the Chinese FG community is on the whole pretty friendly and welcoming. There is a lot less history of fights here over FGs then there is in the US.

Anyway thoughts go out to the family and as a Chinese arcade goer, I really hope that we don’t see any backlashes against our arcades here. We’re lucky to have one of the last vibrant arcade scenes there and it would be a shame if arcades end up closing shop/being forced to close after this.

I wonder if the tone of the comments in this section would be different had the same thing happened at Super Arcade instead…

They’re jokes man, relax.


Nigga, I wish I had an arcade I could go get stabbed at.

LOL this is the funniest thing I’ve read all week, thank you

Make a time machine.

probably pulling the psycho iori crossup.-stab worthy.

I’ve never seen a pistol whipped out or anybody knifed back in 93…but I did see squirmishes, scuffles, and lts of coat or clothes grabbing. nose to nose WWE stand offs, threats, etc.

one time I saw this acquantice I knew in this …small cab joint and went in to say sup. and he was mad nervous. so were the two indian owners of the joint. and I was like “sup? whats up? why are you lookin so worried?” and he was like "I’m gonna get my assed kicked."
and I was like “wuh? lol, by who?” cuz it was only the three of them inside.
and anyway…so I told him later and broke out and outside were these two dudes and one of them had a stun gun and kept lighting it up so the the guy inside the store could see it through the window.

no they say anything to me.
they knew better.

on another note.
I, just last night, while finishing up doing laundry at my local laundrymat…saw they FINALLY fixed the MvC2 cabinet …after never ever ever being able to play it cuz its always broken so I was like "I’m playin this shit!"
then…I find out…1 game cost 1 fucking dollar!!!
4 fucking quarters! can you imagine?
I was not happy.
50 cents maybe.
but a whole dollar.
anyway, I played for nostalgia reasons.
playing with a happ joystick felt…so weird and stiff as fuck. never noticed just how stiff happs were back then. but then again there weren’t any jlfs back in the day so. I know first time I ever played a jlf stick on cab it felt weird. so slick and loose. its prob that.

I lost against the cpu by time out. I dunno which stage not the first 3 I know that. first 3 is mad easy.
maybe 4th. def 5th cuz I know I wasn’t there that long. Fuckin cpu controlled Morrigan blocked everything I tried no matter what I tried and took my initial starting character into air combos a bunch of times before I could tag him out. F Cunt lol.
couldn’t make back the deficit before the time out. >XD
but I used a shitty just screwing around team.
I used Jin launcher assist, strider projectile and …dang I forget his name. dude with the lightsaber blade. anti-air.
but I woulda gotten further if I was more accustomed to the button layout cuz I use a 8 button custom stick and assign the assist buttons to something other than were HP/HK normally are
I always have hp/hk on opposite sides of my stick at the bottom buttons next to lk and hk.
so…I kept fucking havin trouble with muscle memory.

I have the game for the ps2.
but haven’t played in like 3 years lol.

You deserve to die for playing '97 anyway. 98/2K2 or nothing.

Don’t think I’d go that far, but I can’t see any reason to take 97 over those either. And 02 unlimited > 02.

someone had to mop the floor