Man Claims To Invent Internet, And Sues EVERYONE

what’s scary is this dude actually has a chance of winning. He’s the same guy who patent trolled Microsoft awhile back for a half a billion dollars.

So what?

Make that money.

Maybe he can get rid of all these stupid internet rules…stupid sopa…

What do you mean everyone…?


I invented socks, pay me.

Especially the white sox, ozzie guillen when to the marlins to avoid my wraith.

And He looked he upon that pocket universe after its exponential auto-expansion and declared fiercely:

“Gaze upon my form and behold it. I am the architect that has given your roads way and buildings foundation. I am the one who has given light to this universe and demand tribute. Unite against me if you dare but know this…”

“I am your creator and I shall command you.”

“I am your God!!”

And so, the mega monoliths of the Cyberverse and beyond came together to form a wall of resistance, sending their strongest knights to combat quite possibly their most formidable foe yet. What will be the outcome of this grand battle?

To be continued…

what was he in a coma or something it’s freaking 2012 now man

edit: just read the whole article


Considering he raped Microsoft for half a BILLION dollars, I think he was on vacation.

yeah, scary shit. The guy is legit, he DID make Viola way back in the day (ahhhh, fond memories of being charged half a thousand dollars for using that to look at Ultra 64 demo pics, in the days when the Interweb was starting up), and has a good argument. It’s just that the internet kinda moved on since those days. This could get hella interesting towards the end, and I can’t wait to see what the combined lawyers of Google/MS/the rest of the web will do to this poor dick clown.

I invented retard, so to every retards out there right now, you must pay me or I will have you sued.

Hah. Retards existed way before you were born.

So this guy is really Al Gore right?

Well you proved you’re not a retard so you don’t have to pay me.


All I have to say is

Al Gore invented the internet

everyone knows this

Worst thing that happens is the dude gets a huge settlement.

Call me when he invents The Web. :coffee:


But were they patented before he was born?