Man claims to not eat for 70 years. Scientists study him


I wonder if this is some type of trickery. I find it impossible! I hope not though, because it would be cool /obvious



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who can possibly find this story remotely plausible?


I once knew a guy who hadn’t eaten for 10 years.
'Course he’d been dead for 15…


lol at the comments. “science is only scratching the surface of what the body can do…” Nah, they got it down pat pretty well. Maybe they haven’t got that much on the brain, but the whole humans-and-actually-all-animals-need-food thing is a little past the debate stage.


india is poppin. they just found micro aliens the other day word up.


Yoga Starve!


A lot of weird people and things coming out of India…

I bet this dude has some super parasites living inside of him (like the ones from Futurama that made Fry smart) that helps him sustain and survive.


three to one says he dies in a day or two, and/or they find out he was/is crazy



I bet you it’s the epic beard. He must be hiding stuff there.


I have seen a lot of people who havent stopped eating for 70 years straight…and nobody seems to be amazed by that.


I would say he’s full of shit, but he hasn’t eaten in 70 years.



what happens if it turns out to be true?


Dude’s a fucking liar. He lost weight during the observation, and they let him gargle with water + take baths. Those ‘scientists’ are fools.


I don’t believe it. He probably smuggles semen in his cheeks.


does slimfast count as food?


Its a matter of faith. People can believe almost anything. Scientist checks it out, we found he was wrong (or that he was pinochio this entire time, WHAT A TWEEST!), other people don’t go out to try and live off of the dew on their beards. Besides, if the guy really is spending at least 2 weeks without food and still fully functioning mentally, that is pretty damn impressive.


What i find more amazing are the infinitely retarded comments made on the article page. It’s easy to see that this man is probably able to lower his metabolic processes to a great degree due to meditation, and that the accommodations allow him to retain enough water for longer periods than if he had been out in the Indian sun.

Sooner or later, we’ll either have a dead man and/or he’ll be exposed.


Fuck you! I just spilled coke out of my nose. :rofl: :rofl:


man this thread is lacking in Dhalsim jokes (just one so far)

anywho, similar shit happened years ago with the Breatharians or whatever they were called…other people attempted what they claimed and died, then investigators were hired that proved they WERE in fact eating


There are people who can survive on very little for long periods of time but this is just plain bullshit.

Yoga Starve had be pissing my pants btw.