Man Dies Banging Beehive

lol wtf, why would you do that?

Why would anyone want to put their genitals near a 1000 of these

looky -Japanese hornets attacking honey bees


For a second I was gonna call bullshit on how Soviet could be posting if he just died banging a beehive.

His example reminds us all of the importance of wearing protection:

He probably mistook it for this.

Fuck. I was betting that this happened in Florida.

Guess you could say he got Beedrill’d…

I’ll be here all week, folks.

5/10 :coffee:

what did he expect to happen beehaving like that?

Fucking hornets, man…

imagine hitting that from the back, ouch!

The guy who fucked the hornets nest…

My condolences to all of his friends and family.

There are safer ways to make your shit bigger. :coffee:

He was looking for his hunny

Kicking the hornets nest is now an outdated phrase.

Damn Beedrills. But that’s what he gets for fucking with Team Rocket.

This is not the banging I was expecting.

At least it was Sweden.

I bet his favorite musician was, “Sting”… get it?

Well shit I tried.