Man Has 30 Lbs Of Feces Removed From Intestines. Why you should Give a Shit


This what happens when you don’t give a shit for too long.
You end up with a colon filled with 30 lbs of Shit.

Be very careful when holding 30 pounds of crap.




Is this the story of your birth @Darksakul???

Also @Million


Wait what?

There’s at least 5 or 6 people who come in to GD that would be far more deserving of those titles.


Opps forgot the news Link

No, but I found your story


Did they find Po or Stu in there?


“Hey doctor! Let me get a picture of you holding that flesh bag of 30lbs of poop!”

Yeah I suppose that’s a Kodak moment.


Damn the Resident Evil 2 remake is looking dope!


haha a skinbag with pounds of dookie…like he’s holding a newborn baby that’s made out of shit…a bookey-ball-baby if you will…a turd-toddler. that’s classic :lol: . I wonder how strong the smell was in there…you know he probably could smell it thru the surgical mask.

There will never be a situation involving shit that isn’t hilarious to me. Big ol’ DOODY-BAG…with a skin like a big ass pork-sausage link :lol:


Damn, that guy was almost as full of shit as Trump is.


Million took way too long getting into this thread. :coffee:

Hell, the fact that he didn’t START this thread disappoints me greatly. Step your game up, bruh.


Besides the hilarious irony that this was posted by DarkSakul of all people(enough said lol), how the hell does this happen?

Did he not poop for 6 months straight? How did he not notice?




He has Hirschprungs disease as stated in the article.
It is more common in men than women and often associated with other genetic conditions like Downs syndrome.

It is a condition where there are no nerve cells in the lower intestine due to failure of certain neural cells to migrate their during the embryos development.

Without those cells, the colon cant relax and the stool cant be excreted during a bowel movement.
There is abnormal stretching or dilation of the colon and surgery may be necessary to remove feces.

While 1 surgery to remove the affected area is usually enough, in some cases it may recur, so multiple surgeries may be needed.


Damn. Dat ass wasn’t taking his shit no more.



Why is it always China that come out with this gross shit


I always knew that dude was full of ahit


terrible post.

what makes it even worse is that chadouken! posted a full hour after Million posted. he had to have read his post- in fact everybody in the thread before him went for the laugh- not the applause break.

“hay guyzzz… FUCK TRUMP! AMIRITE? amirite? yeaaaahhhhh”

in conclusion, i’m banging everybody’s mom in this thread.


Indeed. A more accurate joke would have been if that was the doctor holding Trump after he was born.

And fuck that image. I gotta drink that away or it’ll be stuck in my head all day.


Look on the bright side. He didn’t go for the Russian hackers narrative. The only jokes coming out of that fiasco are shitty ones.