Man High on PCP Swallows Smartphone



PCP is some crazy shit.


Was the smartphone an Apple?


I wonder what in life pushes people to do drugs like this? I can’t judge them but I want to understand.


probably still gets better reception than metro PCPS… :coffee:


When I was about 15 I was riding the school bus back home at about 4:30 PM in the dead of traffic. At one point we were stopped at a red light, but once it turned green we didn’t move because someone was blocking traffic. I look out of the window ahead of the bus to see that a guy has just stopped his car for seemingly no reason - he gets out of the car, looking really pissed off at somebody for something, all the while cars are honking the hell out of him.

The guy walks into the middle of the lane, pulls his shirt off, then his sweatpants, then his underwear, and starts jerking his dick in the middle of traffic in the heat of LA rush hour. He was looking at the other cars, who had all stopped honking at the sight of this basehead beating it in the middle of the street. Our bus changed lanes and we drove on.

On the news that night they ran the story about the incident, and it turns out he had gotten high on PCP. We had always called it ‘Sherm’ or ‘water,’ but after that we started to call it ‘butt naked.’ Never get ‘butt naked.’


PCP is one of the many drugs that will ruin your life, it is almost as bad for you as Reefer


I know that guy. He pocket dialed me swallowing the phone. I got the call and just heard “Gwahhhaggugh. Bwawalagh.” I was like whaat.




What a fucking champion. Swallowing a goddamned smartphone are you serious?


[details=Spoiler]1 ) Get high
2 ) Feeling hungry
3 ) Pick up phone to order a pizza
4 ) God this ringing is taking foreverrrr
5 ) Y’know what? GULP!
6 ) That was actually pretty good
7 ) Oh shit, could the cell phone waves give me stomach cancer??!?
8 ) I should probably ask a hospital
9 ) [/details]… How am I supposed to call 911?


I wish I had that dude’s number. I’d be calling the shit out of him.


Honestly, they should tell kids stuff like that in anti-drug classes. Not, “It’ll ruin your life,” or “You’ll spend all your money” but “You’ll think swallowing a motherfucking PHONE is a GREAT idea!” If they’d told me stuff like that, I’d have never touched any of the stuff I’ve touched. :rofl:


Like this


Imagine what he’d do with a dick.


Curiosity, perhaps


Holy shit, somebody finally found a good use for a wireless recharger.


That wasn’t very…

( ••)
( •

smart of him!



I clicked this thread like “Please be Florida, Please be Florida”

Interesting read none the less.


with apple maps…not wonder the phone couldn’t find its way out!