Man Holding Knife Gets Shot 40 Times By Police


Just watch the video.

He starts walking towards the one of the left when all 6 police officers unload on him. 46 shots were fired 40 of those hit him.
They could have tazered him and released the dog, this was an execution.

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“In a karate stance, about to go HAM on 'em”


As soon as I heard that, I thought this guy must be mental


God damn…He’s down and they’re still firing…fuck.


I don’t see what the big deal is. Maybe he should’ve listened to the police.


The big deal would be excessive force.


Excessive or not, common sense says “Don’t give them a reason”. He was already fucked after the first couple shots. Tazers are for UNARMED hostiles, in case people here didn’t know. Standard police procedure is to go one level above what’s coming your way. Unarmed = Tazer. Armed with knife, stick, rebar, or gun= well, you better drop that shit when they tell you to (brownie points for doing it before they tell you to) or you’re dead.


Good thing he didn’t have his dog with him…

Seriously though, why not just wound him with a shot to the leg? Tazer? Firehose? They took out that one crazy guy with the samurai sword with a firehose…


You don’t need 6 guns to take down one guy with a knife. What, one cop fires, guy stays up, and it’s like “oh shit my gun’s broken everyone else try”?

Shoot him in the arm, leg, taze him. Hell, there’s 6 of you. You telling me one out of those 6 cops isn’t trained in hand to hand combat?

Actually that question may be rhetorical.



Dan Inosanto vid Gun vs Knife, pretty damn eye opening

Can’t tell in the original video if police officers had their guns drawn already, but I don’t think it matters.

Myth Busters Gun vs Knife - Just like CoD


Officers aren’t trained to do trick shooting and wounding. They are trained to fire center mass at the largest, thickest part of the body. They don’t have time to be sued for wrongful death when a bullet goes through a limb or misses completely and takes out an innocent nearby person. Learn your police procedures, people. The only disarms cops are trained in is when they already HAVE the suspect’s arm immobilized by their body weight. All they know is twist toward the weakest part of the suspects grip, or grab the wrist and slam the hand repeatedly on something until the weapon is dropped. They don’t train in martial arts/grappling, so getting to that semi-subdued situation means they’re just as at risk for fatal injury as a regular joe schmoe. So they don’t fuck around with it and use guns. This isn’t China or Korea. Our cops aren’t martial artists.


He was old and clearly had some issues. 30+ shots was uncalled for… It was that mob mental though. 1 cop opened fire pulled the trigger and the rest followed and got carried away.

The dude was asking for it, 1 warning shot to see if he dropped would have been enough. They put 30 holes in that guy though… MAN



I’d feel bad for this guy, but I saw a video of a dude with a knife versus six cops and since they were too ‘nice’ to shoot him, he managed to run through like three of them. I’ll try to find it and post a link.


Naw I’m not saying they shouldn;t have shot him o anything…but 43 shots? 43? Really? You’d think they where up against The Hulk.


hopes that the victim was white

clicks link









I’m from that shitty city, born and raised.

You guys are really late to this.


I was hoping the shooting would look like that scene from Robo Cop.


[S]EVERYBODY[/S] Only YOU gets shot!!

43 shots are excessive, but I can sit here and play by play after the fact all I want. Try that shit on someone’s porch and see if they stop after the first shot. I would not be putting my money on that outcome. He should’ve put the knife down. He didn’t, so they put him down instead. Saddening, but that is what can happen when you’re in an altercation with not one, but several armed officers while you yourself are also armed.



They wouldn’t stop because they’re fucking crazy and are a danger to society.

Just because someone is trespassing doesn’t mean you have to kill them, if you cant get a good non-lethal shot then take whatever shot you can, but don’t empty a whole clip on a person.

Now if they have a weapon or are obviously gonna try to fuck your shit up then I can see why you would want to make sure they’re dead.