Man I miss the days where you can go to any random arcade

at any random time on any random day and find 20+ people surronding the machines of the good fighting games.

I remember a long time ago back when KI2 and UMK3 were popular, I could go to a local arcade (and there were tons of them back then) at any random time and there would be good comp. No effort what-so-ever to find comp. There days, we have to plan special meets on these forums just to get a fraction of the comp that we used to have those days. How sad :tdown:

Thats cuz arcades are dying, sad to say but its true.

True that…I remember where even a Chuck E Cheese had a decent arcade…now all it is are kiddy arcades and watered down versions of DDR…

The good times has ended, sad to say. I also remember those days where fierce competetion was down at the arcades.

those who still have any arcade action better take advantage of the moment before the new generation of consoles make it worse lol

:tup: Thanks to counter-strike!!!


I remember as a kid walking into ANY mall arcade and seeing at least 20 people surrounding KI, KI2, MK series, SF, even fucking TimeKillers. I was so young at the time, it seemed like heaven to me.

I only regret not being old enough to actually socialize with the teens at the time and making enemies for actually beating a few of them.

The arcade scene of today is not even a FRACTION of what it used to be. Not even a fraction of a fraction.

Now I feel old.

think it sucks for us? just think how the arcade owners must feel

i bet they used to be able to eat

I think it’s partly the owners own damn fault. Nowadays I walk into an arcade and see broken equipment, loose buttons that don’t work, shitty joysticks that don’t move a certain direction, fucked up screens, you name it. That shit would have been UNACCEPTABLE back in the day.

Also, a point Seth brought up a while ago, they don’t advertise as much as they should, if at all, so the only people that care about them are hardcore arcade kids like us.

What a sad state of affairs.

With little to no income, other than possibly to pay for the building (and even then they’re probably feeding negatives in most arcades), it’d be kinda hard to spend time and money on maintenance for cabinets, or getting quality parts.

I’m not talking about quality parts, I’m talking about WORKING parts! What’s the point of even having the game on if the shit don’t work? Oh right, so the little 5 year olds can plop in their 50 cents and mash to their hearts content.

Quick story. Went to Gameworks in Las Vegas last summer, met a couple of cool cats there who were down to play some Marvel, things are chill until right side fierce kick goes out. They tell me that I should tell the attendant because if they tell him, he’ll think they are just hustling him and turn off the game. So I go over to the front desk and tell the guy shit ain’t working, and sure enough he goes over there and turns it off anyway. Doesn’t even test the damn thing. That was an infuriating experience to say the least.

But I guess Las Vegas Gameworks falls into that low income bracket too right?

(Good thing I hotfooted it to the New Orleans hotel/casino to play with Ruin and his crew, else I would have had no comp at all)

Yea, I miss those days.
I was only a little kid back then so I didn’t really experience all of the fun with the teenagers at the time, but that didn’t stop me from playing a game or two with them.

We all know the Arcades are dying and we all know whats happening to the fighting game community.

Yes we know it sucks and its bad enough we have topics like this almost every week.

2D is dying, 3D is the future… end of story.

Guess online will have 2 replace the arcade feel.

Man I miss the 90’s for that aspect

yeah 90’s ruled, fighting games and good rock music. now we have sony and microsoft leading a 3d gayfest and a bunch of watered down rap music.

Ahhh, do I remeber my arcade days, when SFIII first came out, and people from Chinatown Fair would come to St Marks (in NYC) to fight me… those were the days… travelling to Flushing Queens to look for a Tekken Tag Tournament or 3S challengers…

Travis’ avatar is so…freaking…hypnotic…

as per the topic: i blame society.

…I do NOT want to be the person to ask this. But…

Isn’t there anything we can do? I don’t want to say things like get off your asses and do something about it. Because I know that it would be hard to, and that it’s basically asking people to spend their lives on something they may not have seen themselves doing in the future. Telling people that you’re an arcade owner, really isn’t much of a carreer to be proud of.

And we can’t just tell arcade owners to keep shit fixed or else we won’t play their machines. Arcade owners will just ‘not care’. Arcade owners, aren’t gamers it seems. I really don’t get it. If they aren’t gamers, then why are they arcade owners? It’s kind of like every gaming store you walk into. The managers don’t seem to be gamers, so why’d they take the job?

I live in NYC, and I play at Chinatown fair, so I’m lucky to have Huey, Henry and Akuma who actually care about our arcade [Save Except Huey]. So, I haven’t had the same suffering of faulty controls that you guys have had. But I know what it’s like.

I’m still wondering though. Here, we’ve got hundreds of people. We all see that the arcades are dying.

Not just the arcades, but our “Way of Life”. Not that gaming is our lives, but being able to walk into a place where everyone does the same thing you do. Keeping arcades alive for the next generation. Which happens to be me.

It’s just like what they said with Jab Strong Fierce productions. In arcades, any sort of people come to the same place and they have a simulated conflict. And then they share ideas. Streetfighter makes people think in the same lives. It even simulates alot of real world conflict if you really think about it. About the ONLY kind of game you can get. Where you don’t break the game, or the game doesn’t break you.

It’s not about leveling up to level 55 and watching your character fight. It’s not about getting the diamond key to open the diamond room to get the water medal. All players have characters that are equal, and it’s up to the choices of the PLAYER to win or lose in streetfighter. It’s a test. A test that NO walkthrough, or NO amount of time ONline can save you from.

And it’s not against a computer. It’s against a player. You translate yourself to another player by the way you play. Unpredictable, or predicting.

And that’s not something I want to lose later on. I don’t want it to become a dying thing. Because it’s better than the games we have now. What will replace the arcades?

Is there anything at all though, that we can do.

How long can we play the same sf games over and over is the real quetion. I think its really fucked up how capcom didnt even try to market cfj. What really sucks is back in the 90’s I was little and only pushed buttons. so I never got a chance to enjoy that stuff. You guys should be thankful, but sadly we’d all have to make a good fighting game to make arcade popular again. But now in days everyone wants shit easy and/or 3d. thats why devil may cry 3 ,gta:sa, and halo are so popular.I’m trying to become a computer programmer, so if we work to gather and put out a couple of decent fighter then I guest we could help the arcade became popular.then we could buy sf from capcom I dont think they even want sf anymore so it probly will be really cheap or free.

yeah it’s thanks to counterstrike and other gay ass online games, mainly fps, starcraft shit and all that bs.

Although I couldn’t appreciate the mad amount of competition back then since I was a little scrubby kid lol.