Man...I suck...

I’m so garbage with a joystick. Anyone got a quick run down of wtf I could be doing wrong? On a controller, I play fine, but on a stick, I can’t even do shoryu or hado very well. Maybe it’s just me today, I just made the switch but still, I’d figure I’d be doing better than this haha. It’s gunna take practice, but I dunno :frowning: Anyway, my question is does anyone know any tips on like hand posture or excercises I can do to get myself playing better? Thanks much.

put the shaft between your middle and ring fingers and then wrap your first, middle finger and thumb around the ball (or bat) top.

do a 623 input my doing a Z motion and 236 is just a simple J shape motion (i guess J would be the best letter to describe it lol)

And Practice. :slight_smile:

forgive me being stupid, but what’s a 623 and a 236? i don’t get it :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at the numbers on your number keypad. =p

From a post I made in a similar topic:

Some different holds: - Jiro (Middle and ring, pinky underneath - thumb on right) - Pierrot (Index and middle, pinky underneath - thumb on right) - Roshihikari (Wineglass - holding it from the bottom) - Raoh (Wineglass, but he switches his hold depending on which side he’s doing motions on) - Otochun (From on top) - Tsuji (Wineglass variation) - ARG (Similar to Jiro – pinky not under shaft) - Muteki (Index and middle - thumb on top)

Everyone is comfortable holding it a different way. Experiment.
Depending on what level you were at before, it can take a while to get back there. I was at it for around 6 months, and I still wasn’t comfortable.

i hold the stick like a pencil…apparently no one else in the world does, but it works for me

For 3d fighters I hold my finger over the ball with my thumb on the right and my middle on the left holding loosely.

For 2d fighters I keep my wrist slanted so that my finger is around the ball diagonally with my thumb on the bottom and my middle sort of on the top holding loosely.

Works for me… lol.

Find something comfortable… and practice.

Just practice dude, it’ll take a while to get comfortable but its worth it!

I hold it like a pencil also however I use my thumb, index and middle finger,
just hold it like you want to.

Start of with doing the motions as slow as possible and then pick up speed.
The directional pad from a joy pad has different distances
then the stick from a joy stick.
And even that differs from type to type.

I find it a nuisance that people direct the word controller at joy pad,
while a joy stick falls in the same category.

Relax, and don’t be impatient. I find that it is really just time that makes you better. Figure out what is most comfortable with you and the way you input motions and perfect it until you can do it without even thinking.

yeah it took me about 2 months to get used to the stick after playing without one for like 10 years…

for practice using the stick i recomend playing Super turbo as ryu but only doing fireballs and shoryukens.
to practice the qcf x2 motion (which is what i had the most trouble with) pick a character with a really quick super and keep doing it in practice mode, than after your used to that work on super cancels. I recomend Kain from Garou mark of the wolves for that, its surprisingly fun trying to try and keep them in the air.

remember to do this on both left and right side.

You aren’t practicing enough.

Thats what she said… I had to do that

Actually I do that too :stuck_out_tongue:

I was in a similar boat, I’ve mostly been using D-pads since SF2 on the SNES, with only rare trips to the arcade for actual joystick time.

Now that I’ve made the switch to fulltime joystick play, it is taking a lot of practice to get everything feeling “right.”

Just keep in mind that if you’re like me (using a D-pad for like 15 years now), the muscles in hands, fingers, arms, etc are trained for D-pad movement. It is going to take time to retrain them for joystick movement. Practice will fix this. Don’t give up!