Man impersonates 10 year old, sends letters to powerful/well known people

Pretty good and funny read.
Didn’t even know there was a Hoboes Association.

He wrote to a member of the Manson family as well as Robert Shapiro (one of OJ’s lawyers). I heard about this guy. Interesting stuff.

The OJ’s lawyer one was fucking hilarious.

Who knew there was a hoboes association?

I figured the responses would’ve been more like “WTF?,” but they were decent. The lawyer one is funny.

I’m surprised at how serious the responses are, especially that one from Shapiro. :lol:

Yeah I really liked Shapiro’s response. If I were the type to read often, I’d pick this up for sure.

This is awesome.

Shapiro is a beast, that letter from him has me in tears from laughing. :lol:

You don’t read?


co-sign on Shapiro’s letter. that response was gdlk.

shapiro cant be trolled.

I’ve had the same 3 books in queue to finish for the past like 2 years

I like the Caesar’s Palace letter: “Your money will last longer and hopefully you will have a lot of fun before the casino’s mathematical edge claims your last bet”.


I enjoyed reading these. I’m gonna cop the book.

These were great. and lol at the Cardinal sending a somewhat creepy picture of himself

Shapiro is the man lol

I’m probably gonna have to pick this up, seems interesting to see all the different people this guy has written to and how they’ve responded.

I will probably pick this up, it seems very similar to Letters from a Nut, which was a series I can highly recommend. The premise is that he writes companies with ridiculous complaints/demands. For instance, he writes a vegas wedding chapel about him and his girlfriend getting married at their chapel, then asks what the rate is to have sex on the directors desk. Hilarity ensues.

OH man, I thought the title said “impregnates 10 year old”

I was confused by the positive reactions and the ‘sending letters to powerful people’ part…lol

I’m totally going to buy this book. looks like a fun read