Man is banned from having sex by High Court judge because his IQ is too low


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High Court bans man with low IQ from having sex | Mail Online

An IQ of 48 is the equivalent to the IQ of a 5year old, that dude was probably straight but didnt care who or what he had sex with.


He should get a pet.


The court determined that he was incapable of understanding or appreciating the consequences of his actions at the time, which is the hallmark of giving informed consent. If someone cannot given informed consent then they cannot have sex, but the court also decided that if he took classes and understood the consequences of what he did then he could have sex again.

Hugh Mad.


Sex, could you please quote the article on your first post?


Are there any fit women like this??


Someone buy this dude a flesh light and a japanese hug pillow.




Yeah but you have to pay the pimps.


I’ve seen a lot of people that need this ruling against them.


How did he agree that he did not have the mental capacity to know about the health risks and should be banned from having sex if he is ‘seriously challenged in all aspects of his mental functionality?’


Seriously. If you are going to even step into this arena where do you set the bar? Half of the population has STDs and/or bastard children. Double standard.


I can’t even imagine being told ‘You’re too dumb to be allowed to fuck’

oh wait, I can


You do know that people get civilly committed despite what they want all the time, right?

Hugh Mad.


Bomb disposal expert ‘tried to murder pregnant wife with grenade after affair’ | Mail Online



Word…this would clean up that nasty problem we have in our community with rampant teen pregnancy, and niggas knocking up multiple girls, then going to jail. We would be well on our way to actually being taken seriously as a people.


“honey, I have a surprise for you! Close your eyes, and hold out your hands…”



This is bad news for SRK’s GD population.


yo it’s about fucking time.


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He shoulda done it Rolento-style: Plant it inside her snootch right as he pulls out. “Ready…”