Man Juice no more...Yes or No


Ok so my asian wife wants me to get a Vasectomy. I went to the counselling appointment yesterday. I thought it was just going to be like class to explain to us the procedures, didn’t know they were actually going to spectate my grapefruits & play with them…

Oh god it was really odd, the Doctor had 1 hot trainee doctor who kept crossing her legs over n over again, she was like wearing pink panties. Then the nurse had some big ass titties…That’s not good combo, especially when the doctor was like ok pull down let me see your junk…

Anyway, has anyone here got a Vasectomy? What were the results & any tips/suggestions?


unprotected sex for life with asian wife sounds good…


if you can’t bust a nut, whats the point of life?


So what would the deed be like after the process?


You can still bust a nut but the actually semen that creates babies will no longer be there…Its like less then 10% then your usual ejaculation…


get the woman’s tubes tied. Sex without cumming on her face afterwards is like…i dunno, i can’t even comprehend it with my mind

I can’t bukkake with a dribble


Just pee on her face instead. Just as warm but excessive.shrug.


SRK answer: Stairs if she gets preggo again.


10%? Seems really high considering everything thats involved… (your junk, randomly having a fucking kid, etc.)


I would say yes, if you dont want to use condoms or she doesnt want to use birth control. I think that a mans operation can be reversed where as a woman’s cant.

Anyhow, I may have it done some day. A number of guys I know have had it done and they say there is really nothing different.


I’ve considered a vasectomy but decided I don’t want to risk possible complications. Feeling pressure because the sperm never leaves your vas defrens sounds weird.

I’ll just wait till doctors can finally blast your balls with ultrasound. Probably be a bit painful but it’s way better than having a fucking kid.

EDIT: I forgot, there is another male birth control thing on the horizon too. What they do is cut you open then take a syringe filled with spermicide and inject your vas defrens with it. The moment your sperm goes through they die.

Whenever either of these becomes “commercial” I’ll be doing it right away. Probably both at the same time.


See this is what I mean by your wife wear the pants. She makes the money so she tells you to get a vasectomy. If it was the other way around you would tell her to get her tubes tide.

Anyways back on point the steps of a vasectomy is

  1. small skin incision is made on your vas deferens
  2. vas deferens are cut and ends are cauterized
  3. vas deferens are returned to scrotum and skin is sutured.



Why you no want childrens? Do you not want to shell out money for their copies of SFVI, SSFVI, SSFVI:AE, MVC5, MVC5EX? It’s your turn to carry the torch, pal!


Thanks for making me feel like I just got kicked in the balls.


I wouldn’t let doctors do any sort of operation to my junk ever unless it’s a life threatening condition. Nurses however, can play with it as much as they want.


I was interested in getting a vasectomy but I’ve heard there’s a potential increase in prostate cancer from my doc.

Also it costs like 10 grand the last time I checked. Probably a better investment in the long run considering child support…


Nah the procedure is actually free…

Im worried that some shit goes wrong & my balls will ache forever…But i think im willing to risk it, just cuz i hate condoms…My asian wife was suppose to get her tubes tied after she delivered our 3rd child but due to the hospital being Catholic they wouldn’t do it…


Can’t you just go to another hospital?

Can anyone comment on whether or not the man’s orgasm is the same after he gets a vasectomy? I’ve heard it’s not as good. Possible reason to vote No here.


That $10,000 vasectomy better include a golden bejeweled jock for your balls after the surgery. Usual cost should be between $300 and $1,000.

You still ejaculate afterwards - there’s just not sperm in it.

It can be reversed but it’s very expensive and much more involved than the initial procedure, so don’t plan around that. It’s difficult for a young unmarried man to get a doctor to do this operation for him. You have to really be able to argue your case for why it’s for you. If you just say “cause I want to bang broads without dat child support bill”, they’ll probably say no.

My fiance and I don’t plan on having kids so I’ll probably have it done at some point just for peace of mind. It’s an incredibly minor surgery compared to tubal ligation or a hysterectomy (and its way way way cheaper), so it just makes sense.


Straight from a reputable source…

[INDENT=1]“Vasectomy does not change your hormones or masculinity. And it will not affect your ability to get and stay erect. It also will not affect your sex organs, sexuality, and sexual pleasure. No glands or organs are removed or altered. Your hormones and sperm continue being produced. Your ejaculate will look just like it always did. And there will be about the same amount as before.”[/INDENT]